Motorists startled by ‘wolf-packing’

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Chris Davis

HWY 55 BETWEEN JAMES CITY & GRANTSBORO – Two law-and-order type sheriffs – Chris Davis of Pamlico and Chip Hughes of Craven – combined the might and muscle of their respective departments on Tuesday for a full-fledged traffic canvas, involving approximately 16 separate vehicles, and even more officers – a practice known in law enforcement circles as ‘wolf-packing.’

“This is part of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program,” explained Davis in a brief telephone interview. “We coordinated our efforts with those of Craven to do a series of live patrols, primarily along Highway 55 between James City in Craven County, roughly stopping at the traffic light in Grantsboro. We were looking for out-of-date license plates, expired registrations, and that sort of thing.”

For motorists who did not witness the four-hour spectacle – there were many who did. And, apparently, it was a sight to behold!


Chip Hughes

“There were cop cars everywhere,” exclaimed one caller to this newspaper. “Was it a drug bust or something else going on?”

Indeed, several callers reported seeing a car trunk opened wide, and being thoroughly searched by several officers.

“Yes, we did some of that,” said Davis, who added “but a traffic stop alone does not allow us to search a vehicle – there had to be some type of ‘probable cause’ for doing that.

Bottom line? Get that car inspected, pay your automobile insurance premium, and buckle that seat belt.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” chuckled Davis. “We expect to be doing some more of these, probably once per month.”