‘Mini-Mao’ governors trash Constitution

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By Eric Noevere | News Analysis

USA – As the Covid 19 emergency continues, state governors and local governments are rushing to create little dictatorships in the United States. They hope to convince the masses that draconian repeal of Constitutional rights is for their own good, and necessary for their very survival.

This is despite reports from the Center for Disease Control that show a continued drop in new Covid 19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

Let’s remember that after Hitler was legally elected in Germany, his party legally suspended personal freedoms (private firearm ownership at the top of the list), persecuted Jews and other “undesirables”. The German people had been convinced that the state of emergency would cure the existing bad situation of high unemployment, food shortages, runaway inflation, national embarrassment of losing World War I , etc. This didn’t work out so well.


Chairman Mao in China with his progressive vision to remake China through his Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution managed to kill around 50 million Chinese through starvation, internment, labor camps, mass executions. Stalin in Russia ran the same plan. The end justified their means.

Gov. Whitmore of Michigan banned sales of outdoor products in stores, which could stay open because they also sold food. You could go out in a canoe, but not a motor boat! Citizens were forbidden to visit a second home. A salon owner in Dallas, Texas, was jailed for opening her business. She was freed after interventions by Gov. Abbott and the Texas Supreme Court.

Gov. Murphy’s edicts in New Jersey are having people arrested for violating social distancing and stay at home orders. His was response was the Bill of Rights is “above my pay grade.” Gov. Newsom of California wants to keep a harsh general lockdown in place even in counties where there have been few cases. He intends to withhold disaster money from any jurisdictions, that ease the lockdown. Newsom is planning to give Federal aid money (our tax money) to illegal immigrants.

In North Carolina restrictions have been rolled back a little, while others remain in place (some frankly are unconstitutional). The freedom to assemble for religious purposes and to peacefully demonstrate are specifically expressed in the Bill of Rights.

So why are religious gatherings only to be allowed outside, while people are allowed to go to into large chain stores where there are many other people? Gov. Cooper’s hand-picked Board of Elections Supervisor tried to sneak in an un-legislated change designed to increase mail-in in voting. Supposedly this was necessary due to the epidemic.

Is the risk of getting Covid 19 from getting a bag of nails at Lowe’s, any less than going to vote? I don’t think so. County and city governments have been allowed to have more extensive business shutdowns and restrictions per Gov. Cooper’s edicts.

The state of Georgia moved first to drastically ease restrictions. The Covid 19 rates of new infections and hospitalizations there have continued to decline. We need to get our people back to work and or businesses reopen. Recent studies suggest that social distancing and/or avoiding crowds are effective at lowering the infection rate — where a general closing of businesses and making people mostly stay at home aren’t. People need to continue to social distance, cover theircoughs, frequently wash their hands, and avoid touching their faces. Masks in close proximity of others are also a good idea. Sick people should be quarantined – the rest need to go on about their regular business. Protecting the most vulnerable including the very elderly and those living in nursing homes should be the highest priority, not destroying the livelihood of the young and healthy.

We are close to the unemployment levels of the Great Depression. People were often short of food and many lived in wretched conditions. Our economy still needs humans to make it run. Human labor is still necessary to create wealth and well being. Our government – at the rate it has been giving away money while our economy is barely functioning – will go broke. People will lose their homes, food production will plummet and people will go hungry. Welcome to the Third World.

Our nation’s governors need to quickly restore jobs, not make millions of capable people into permanent wards of the state.

Editor’s note: A frequent contributor to this newspaper, Mr. Noevere is a medical professional and firearms expert.