Massive blaze erupts in Bayboro neighborhood

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First reported about 7:40 Monday night, the fire ignited near houses on South Street in Bayboro.

Dry, seasoned, and neatly stacked firewood fueled the wrong type of blaze Monday night – as it erupted into massive flames mere feet from a single family home on South Avenue in Bayboro.

The Bayboro, Grantsboro-Silverhill, and Reelsboro Volunteer Fire Departments each arrived within minutes of each other – quickly extinguishing the inferno, which had ignited under a metal canopy of the sort usually used for vehicles.

This time, however., the shelter served as a tinderbox, loaded to the gills with a mixture of small logs and kindling – eager to burn! The pesky fire was doused — first with fire hoses full of water, and later killed completely from healthy sprays of foam retardant.


Kudos to these brave firefighters – who averted what could have been a disaster along this usually quiet stretch of town, near Pamlico County High School. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Firefighters got the blaze under control by deploying hoses fed by tankers.

To ensure a complete extinguish, emergency responders also sprayed fire retardant foam.

At least three area volunteer fire departments responded promptly and efficiently.