Martin takes Oath of Office as Chief Justice

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At right, Mark Martin, Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, is seen here with Pasquotank County Commissioner Frankie Meads.

RALEIGH – Tuesday was a cool sunny day in Raleigh. On this day, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mark Martin, would be sworn into office before an overflowing crowd.

There were approximately 600 people in attendance. So many, that the Court House was insufficient to hold them all, requiring the excess attendees to watch the proceedings on a large video screen at the Museum of Natural History.

However, regardless of location, all who watched were enthusiastic and obviously happy to have the opportunity to observe this event, as evidenced by the applause, even at the Museum, two blocks away.


Several speakers remarked on their personal experiences with the Justice. William T. (Bill) Robinson III is the current President of The American Bar Association and spoke about his years of working with Justice Martin. Then Judge James A. Wynn Jr., an African American jurist, spoke about many personal interactions with Justice Martin, including losing to him in an election. But his affection for the Justice was plainly evident.

Following these remarks, Gov. Pat McCrory offered an introduction of the Chief Justice for the administration of his oath, performed by Associate Justice Robert Edmunds. With his hand on the Bible and his wife by his side, Mark D. Martin swore to administer fair and equal justice under the law and became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

In his remarks, Martin presented a seven- point plan for modernization of the Court. He expressed his desire to see that equal justice under the law be available to all persons regardless of station of life or other non-legal considerations.

Throughout the proceedings, it was clear that the Chief Justice was humbled by the remarks. Once he donned his robe and took his seat, he gestured to the crowd to stop their applause, emblematic of a prideful man.

The Motto of the Court is “Sum CuiqueTribuere” — To Render To Everyone His Own — one of the three Fundamental Maxims of the Law laid down by the Justinian.

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