Lt. Governor Dan Forest Town Hall

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Education, HB2 and the State’s Future Discussed
By George Hague

Dan Forrest

Dan Forrest

Williamston NC
The Lt. Governor held a town hall discussion with voters in Williamston at the Mortoc Park grass lawn, but temperatures were reaching 100 degrees that hot July day. When I arrived, I expected to swelter in the heat, but, I was pleasantly surprised that the event had been moved inside the park community air conditioned building.

The Lt. Governor opened the discussion with comments that related that when the Republicans took control of the NC state budget; they found that the previous Democratic administration left them $2bill in debt. Today the NC budget has a surplus of $435 million dollars. The Republicans did this by cutting personal and small business taxes, creating more jobs, and in so doing increased state revenue coming into the state treasury. He stated that NC ranks fifth in the CBNC ranking of states with business friendly climates. Educational spending is at an all-time historical high. Teachers were given a 7 percent pay increase, after several years under democrat rule when they received none, with more to come as tax revenues continue to increase. He stated that the true teacher turnover was around six percent, lower than most industries.

One question asked was about the 20 percent decrease of students enrolling in the educational field at our universities. Dan answered that the main reason for this trend is parents persuading their children to seek other professions. The Lt. Governor states we must restore respectability to our teaching profession and control of their classrooms. He is fighting against an entrenched education bureaucracy in Raleigh but he continues to seek change His future goal is to make our teachers number one in the southeastern United States in income!


When the subject of HB2 was brought up, a lady spoke up and stated that her sister is a lesbian and she finds it laughable the way liberals have attacked our state government. She related that her sister supports HB2 ! In a related matter, an interesting civil exchange transpired at the conclusion between a transgender and Dan. The Lt. Governor stated that nowhere in HB2 is a transgender mentioned. Contrarily, the bill is about protection from sexual predators. Further that 90 percent of NC citizens support HB2 compared to what we hear in the media. The state has called for all universities and colleges to provide a secure bathroom for any student that feels the need for one, but the state will not dictate to businesses.

The evening ended too quickly and the two “Run Forest Run” buses were being readied to head back to Raleigh. Be sure to stop in at the Mortoc Park sitting on the beautiful Roanoke River next time you pass through Williamston. You will be as surprised as I was by the beauty!!