Lower rates for Arapahoe fire insurance

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BY Chris Murray, Fire Marshal
Pamlico County Emergency Management

ARAPAHOE – The Arapahoe Fire District, which comprises most Pamlico County’s southwest corner, was graded over a period of four days in March of 2017 in efforts to improve the area’s insurance rating within the jurisdiction. Items considered during this inspection were: County Water System and Availability, 911 Communications, equipment, personnel, training, response times, reporting, and administrative procedures.

The results of this grading inspection were several years in the making, slightly postponed a few years back when the Kershaw Road water pressure improvement project was taking place within the Arapahoe District. This grading inspection was also a “first” for Pamlico County, as it was the first inspection to include equipment and personnel from our Countywide Tanker Task Force — implemented in 2015 to offset rural water issues that are commonly experienced.

This effort not only included the Arapahoe Fire-Rescue Department, but also included four surrounding Fire Departments that have spent countless hours training together. The days of a single volunteer fire department handling all the necessary duties and functions are over! Without support from surrounding Mutual Aid Companies, basic firefighting activities and especially Insurance Rating Gradings would not occur like they are today. Pamlico County Fire Departments are working together to provide the best possible responses to emergency calls and also to eventually attempt to reduce insurance ratings in every fire district.


Currently there are four Departments in Pamlico County that hold a Rating less than a Class 9 – which is good as a lower number means the district has been rated with better coverage! We have outstanding talent and leadership working at all levels within the Fire Service here and improving the insurance rating shows an investment back into the district of whom the Fire Department Members serve the constituents of. I am very proud of the TEAM Effort here in Pamlico County amongst Emergency Services Personnel.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Editor’s note: Mr. Murray can be reached at (252) 745-4131.

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