Local equine rescue seeks volunteers

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Conner, 12 yr old gelding in care of USERL.

Conner, 12 yr old gelding in care of USERL.

United States Equine Rescue League is a 501c3 non-profit charity dedicated to the compassionate care of all equines. It is a grassroots organization run entirely by volunteers. The organization began in 1997 as North Carolina Equine Rescue League. Over the past 17 years, the League has rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed approximately 1,300 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Horses often come from law enforcement agencies in municipalities across North Carolina and Virginia. All horses that enter the program have a story to tell. Many have been starved, neglected, and abused. Though these stories begin with hardships, volunteers work diligently to provide a happy ending to each and every one.

Stories like Conner’s abound. Conner came to the League because it was reported that his owners were tired of caring for him and wanted someone to shoot him. Conner was lame and had trouble walking the day he arrived. His hooves had not been trimmed correctly in a long time, which caused intense pain. With some excellent vet care, it was determined that Conner simply needed a good farrier to apply corrective shoes to help alleviate his pain and allow his hooves to heal. Six weeks after arrival, Conner’s future is brighter and he is able to gallop around his pasture pain free. He will be available for adoption mid summer 2015.


Caring for horses like Conner is expensive. Currently there are 24 horses in foster care in the northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia areas. All funds needed to provide feed, hay, vet and farrier care must be raised by the League’s volunteers, who also care for horses awaiting future homes.

New volunteers, fosters, adopters, or sponsors are always needed. To help, visit www.userl.org or call (800) 650- 8549. Tax deductible donations can also be mailed to USERL, 1851 W. Ehringhaus Street, Suite 146, Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909