Local dogs excel in Akita Nationals

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Tyra, with Angi Diamond (second from left)

McGee, with Angi Diamond (third from left)

WILMINGTON, OHIO – Oriental resident Angi Diamond recently embarked on a road trip to attend

the 2017 Akita Nationals. She and her two ‘veteran’ Akitas had been preparing for this competition for months, including plenty of ‘road work’ in the wee hours at Windmill Point near Diamond’s home.

“The competition is stiff, not just with Akitas from all over the United States but also from Columbia, Italy, Croatia, and Russia,” wrote Diamond in an email to this Newspaper.


Diamond and friend Kim Holmes perform a ZZ Topp tribute

Tyra, named “Pet of the Month,” two years ago on a popular news website, won Best in Sweeps with Angi showing her. Meanwhile, McGee won Best In Show Veteran at the Pre-National and the National.

This was a repeat performance for McGee as he was Best In Show at the 2014 Akita National. Both Akitas are 10 years old and are the last of the dynasty for Diamond Akitas — as Angi has been breeding and showing in both conformation and obedience for the past 24 years.

During a break from competition, Angi and co-breeder Kim Holmes of Lebanon, Conn, also won the talent contest as ZZ Topp singing “Sharp Dressed Man.”

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