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BAYBORO – District Attorney Scott Thomas announced that, in Pamlico County Superior Court today, MICHAEL LLOYD, 48, of Grantsboro, entered guilty pleas to two felony offenses, and was sentenced to a prison term of 18 to 31 months. Superior Court Judge Josh Willey presided over this term of court, and the cases were prosecuted in court by Assistant District Attorney Christy Hawkins. The cases were investigated by the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office.

Lloyd was convicted in 2004 in Craven County on a charge of Second-Degree Sex Offense, and as a result, after he was released from a prison term, was required to register with the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry for a minimum of 30 years. He registered at an address in Pamlico County. When Deputy Sheriff Wade Sawyer was unable to locate Lloyd at his registered address during a routine review, he began an investigation. The owner of the property where Lloyd had registered reported that Lloyd had been gone from the residence for about three weeks. Lloyd eventually turned himself in and provided a statement that he had left the State of North Carolina, and had been in New Jersey for weeks, working on a fishing boat. He pled guilty in this case to Failing to Report a Change of Address for Sex Offender.

Earlier this year the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office conducted a controlled purchase of drugs using a confidential informant. The informant purchased three suboxone strips from Lloyd’s daughter for $ 60.00. Lloyd was present when the drug buy took place, and was aware that the transaction was conducted in his residence. In this case, he pled guilty to Sale of Schedule III Controlled Substance.


Judge Willey sentenced Lloyd to a prison term of 18 to 31 months, and ordered that he pay court costs, restitution, jail fees and attorney fees. Upon Lloyd’s release, he will still be subject to the sex offender registry requirements, and will be on post-release supervision for nine months.

NOTE: Under North Carolina Structured Sentencing law, a convicted criminal defendant must serve all of the minimum active sentence and may be required to serve up to the maximum sentence. Upon release at the conclusion of the prison sentence, a nine to twelve month period of post-release supervision by a probation officer is required.