Latoya Howell appointed to African-American Heritage Commission

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Latoya Howell, right, and her aunt Lois Clark, pose for a photograph after announcement of her appointment.

WILLIAMSTON — The Al-Pam Republican Club met in Williamston Jan. 8 for its regular monthly dinner meeting. Among the notable events was the announcement that Latoya Howell of Washington County has been appointed by Gov. Mc Crory to the N.C. African American Heritage Commission Board.

Howell was accompanied by her family and expressed her pride in the appointment. Howell’s aunt, Lois Clark, who serves on the Washington County School Board, also attended.

When asked why she is a Republican, Howell noted that she grew up a Democrat, because as a child she was told who and what she was, based upon the preferences of the adults in her family.


Now, as an adult, she has reflected upon her belief system, in terms of what Democrats have or have not done for minorities in this country. She found that the actual slavery of the past was little different from the economic slavery of the present.

Howell realized she wanted a different path for herself and her family, and decided that the Republican Party offered her the opportunity to realize her dreams.

Howell drives from her home in Washington County to her employment in Dare County with Brindley Beach Real Estate. Clearly, hard work and dedication are at the core of this very exceptional woman. The Republican Party is very happy to have her and her family among their growing membership.

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