Kayak outing turns treacherous

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The Rescue:

I stayed sleeping until first light and arose to very stiff bones and extremely sore muscles but alive nonetheless! I was warmer, had a little food and drink in me, and cleaned up my mess best I could, save for the window glass I broke. I returned the soiled sheet and blanket to the bed.


Then, after dressing in my damp but-drier-than-they-were-the-night-before clothes, I left out a side door and carried my wet shoes, because I did not want them on my feet then. I walked down the stairs, out the drive, and headed down the road, hoping for help from anyone to finally get me back home.

As I started down the gravel and rocky road I had to stop and don my shoes for the sake of my old tender feet. I then just kept on walking.

I made it out Live Oak Drive, and all the through the Jones Island Social Club, out to Meekins Road. There I started feeling dizzy again and very fatigued and dehydrated. I began to walk sluggishly and with head down just thinking of home the whole while, not sure of where the energy was coming from (save for the thought of home) when a vehicle passed me (I think) but I couldn’t stop heading for home.

Not too long after that vehicle passed by me, I heard another in the mere distance ahead of me and decided to look up. I saw an officer’s car coming towards me and I choked up a little bit. The officer decided to stop about 16-20 feet away, exited his vehicle, and began to approach me.

I immediately broke down in the road, began to cry, and asked him for water. “Please, sir. Water! I need some water!” please!

The officer returned to his vehicle, grabbing a water, handing it to me in the road, as he asked for my name.

I gave him my name, thanked him kindly for the water and he called it in — as I heard the boats buzzing and helicopters flying then, but not before that time.

Darnell Ferreira

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