Immigration backlash in Germany, Brexit vote in United Kingdom good news for Trump

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GERMANY — Angela Merkel is the leader of the Christian Democratic Union. Her party was soundly defeated in a recent election, signaling the extreme displeasure that rank-and-file Germans are feeling toward Mrs. Merkel and her government.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

The Chancellor’s party came in third in a three-way race in Merkel’s home district! The Social Democratic Party was the top vote-getter, while the Alternative for Deutschland Party finished second.

The election was widely seen as a referendum on the immigration policy that the Chancellor has been pursuing. Naturally, she states her belief that the immigration policy played a role in the defeat but insisted that she has made the right decisions.


Although the winning party has performed strongly in several other regional elections — most notably coming in second with 24 percent of the vote in Saxony-Anhalt in March — it is unprecedented in modern German politics that the Chancellor’s party is set to finish behind a party so far to its right on most issues.

The preliminary results indicate the Social Democratic Party won 30.6% of the vote while Alternative fur Deutschland took 19 percent of the total vote.

The overwhelming defeat of the Chancellor is devastating, particularly in her home district, which rejected her open-door immigration policy.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Is this a harbinger for a Trump victory in the United States? We will soon find out. But there is no doubt that immigration politics is a major factor in elections such as this one, which are likely to be duplicated elsewhere and might explain why Donald Trump has been focusing on this singular issue for so long.

In a related event, we are reminded of the vote in the United Kingdom on the Brexit vote. You will recall that Nigel Farage was, for all practical purposes, the singular voice against the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union.

Recently, Farage stated in this country (at a Donald Trump event) that the polls were reporting that the forces to remain in the European Union were 10 points ahead on Election Day. Despite this, the ‘leave forces’ won by a substantial margin. He stated his belief that the open-borders immigration policy, that the UK had been advocating was rejected by the voters.

Now we see the same thing happening in Germany!

In fact, what we are seeing now is the slow demise of the European Union. Numerous countries are seeing large numbers of immigrants who then travel from country to country, putting strains on local services to furnish them with housing, food and clothing and all the necessities of life at the expense of the host country.

If the European Union collapses, it appears that immigration policy will be the cause.