Hurricane Dorian Voluntary Evacuation/Shelter Opening

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September 3rd,2019

10:30 Hours

Pamlico County, NC- As Pamlico County Emergency Management monitors Hurricane Dorian, the County Control Group decided to issue a Voluntary Evacuation under the Current State of Emergency on Wednesday, September 4th beginning at 0800 hours.The County Emergency Operations Center is partially operational and will begin 24 hour operations on Wednesday, September 4th.


Constant data is being received from the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center has provided us with our decision making for the probability of significant winds,storm surge,and localized rainfall to affect Pamlico County. Please take heed to local warnings if you are in low lying areas,flood prone areas,and historical damage areas from prior storms.


A warning to persons within a designated area that a threat to life and property exists or is likely to exist in the immediate future. Individuals issued this type of warning or order are NOT required to evacuate, but it would be to their advantage to do so.


Pamlico County is working with our Shelter Support Staff and Pamlico Community College and has scheduled a Hurricane Shelter Opening for Wednesday , September 4th, 2019 at 8 pm. The Pamlico County Shelter is located at 5049 NC Hwy 306 S. at the Pamlico Community College (Johnson Building). For those seeking sheltering in Pamlico County, please bring basic necessities (Personal/Hygiene Items) and medical supplies required for daily living.

ANIMAL S: Animals are permitted at the Pamlico County Shelter, but are housed in a separate building and under the supervision of Pamlico County Animal Control. If you are bringing animals, please bring your own food, crate/kennel, medicines , and bowls for each animal.

With the current stall and slow movement of Hurricane Dorian, we encourage and urge residents and visitors to take advantage of the time to plan and react.