Huge python moves to new home Friday morning

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NEW BERN – The creature is big. It’s heavy. And, the crazy thing has a tendency to writhe and coil.
We’re talking about ‘Butterscotch,’ which has been an important part of Bill’s Pet Shop for a long, long time.

Now, the time has come for the store to move into much, much larger quarters. Unfortunately, Butterscotch’s home, which is a massive wooden cabinet with glass windows, is too big to go through the doors of the existing store location, nor those of the new store – about 100 yards away in a different section of Berne Square Shopping Center


Make no mistake! This 17-foot python must be removed from the cabinet, and transported – in one way or another! The event happens at 10 am on Friday, March 10. The plan, at this moment, is to hand-carry the gargantuan viper! But, maybe there is a wheelbarrow out there big enough to contain the serpent! Who knows?

It is, of course, a media spectacle, and the public is invited. The address is 2636 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in New Bern.
Everyone is welcome. However, please steer clear when storeowner Bill Gent, Sr., his son Billy Gent, and assorted staffers get the snake underway. Needless to say, we hope it goes quickly – just long enough to capture this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence on video.

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