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Spectators welcome! Down East church gets big lift

DOWN EAST – In June of 2017 when Jeremy Patterson of Progressive Construction received the ‘Key to the City of Stamford, Connecticut’ as a gesture of appreciation for his work in elevating an historic home, little did he know that less than two years later he and his crew would find themselves hard at work on a similarly important project – but this time far removed from the fancy, affluent environs of a big northeastern city.

That, in a nutshell, describes the pending elevation of Davis Free Will Baptist Church – located in the remote, rural (and beautiful) micro-small Down East North Carolina community of Davis.


“This will be the largest structure for us to elevate thus far this year,” said Patterson. “It is an awesome story of a community coming together in order to raise this historic church above future flood waters.”

Down East, of course, is an affectionate name for the far eastern section of Carteret County. And, although Davis is a perfectly respectable name for a town in this neck of the woods – other nearby communities with names like Sea Level and Atlantic – more than hint that the area is well-known for its low-lying, hurricane vulnerable areas.

Off and on for more than a month, Progressive Construction crews have been prepping the church for Saturday’s elevation. Proper placement of massive, bright green girders are so essential that Patterson uses the beams in his company’s logo!

Pack a lunch and a lawn chair. Perhaps bring your checkbook (or some extra cash) for a modest donation to the coffers of Davis Free Will Baptist Church. And, of course, plan to view all of the action from a vantage point that does not impede the process. There will certainly be some mighty strong and powerful prayers, but otherwise the day promises to be a laid-back, positive, and unforgettable experience!

Everyone is welcome. Just follow Hwy 70 East, and when you encounter Davis, you’ll discover “the uplifting story of a church in the flood-prone Down East region of North Carolina.”

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