How to fill a 29-slip marina basin in exactly nine minutes

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CARTERET COUNTY – Big, tough, large, and unusual are the ways that Bobby Cahoon of Pamlico County-based Bobby Cahoon Marine Construction likes his jobs.

The firm’s most recent assignment culminated Saturday afternoon during a ‘pull the plug’ ceremony at Bogue Watch, a new upscale residential community on the shoreline of Bogue Sound.


The spectacle was equal parts entertainment – attracting a crowd of approximately 300 people – and carefully orchestrated excavation of a dirt ‘plug’ separating the community’s new marina from the vast waters of the picturesque sound.

“I do enjoy the challenging ones,” said Cahoon.

Behind him, as eager spectators gathered, a worker on a mammoth excavator cautiously dug away. His goal: Prepare the site so precisely so that one final scoop – timed for exactly 1:30 p.m. – would trigger an expected cascade of Bogue Sound waters, all meant to quickly fill the marina to a depth of approximately 10 feet offering boaters at Bogue Watch quick, easy access to the sprawling, navigable waterways of eastern North Carolina.

The event went off without a hitch. Sunshine even broke through the heavy cloud cover, as waters on both sides of the breach reached equilibrium.

Mother Nature seemed pleased. Cahoon and his wife Teresa breathed a sigh of quiet relief.



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