How does law enforcement work on a Bombing Target?

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Feds want more clout in and around BT-9

PAMLICO SOUND – In a letter from the U.S. Marine Corps brass, the Pamlico County Board of Commissioners are being asked to approve a plan that would give Sheriff Chris Davis and his deputies less authority to investigate crimes and violations in an area owned by the U.S. Government.

The matter will be contemplated during the Monday, Dec. 4 meeting of the Pamlico County Commission.
The letter, printed below, refers to ‘proprietary’ jurisdiction versus ‘concurrent’ jurisdiction.


On matters involving federal ownership, land and buildings are said to be under ‘proprietary’ jurisdiction when the federal governing has assumed no state or local obligations to enforce the law. That is the case right now for crimes that occur within or near Bombing Target 9.

Under ‘concurrent’ jurisdiction (which is what federal officials hope to obtain) Uncle Sam becomes responsible for handling all investigations and arrests on federal lands – forcing state and local law enforcers into a less prominent role.

For a variety of reasons, Pamlico County authorities seem reluctant to endorse the Marine Corps request. Other details should be released during the Dec. 4 session.

Read the entire letter here >

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