High profile criminal trial postponed yet again

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PASQUOTANK COUNTY — The criminal trial of the defendant James White has been postponed again.

Since the indictment, and after more than a year of legal maneuvering, the case is no closer to being heard by a jury. This time, defense attorney Johnny Finch of the Hertford-based Gunter Law Group, requested a continuance — to get married!

No substitute date has been agreed to by the parties.


White was originally indicted for theft of recyclable metals from the landfill. Since then, indications have surfaced that his supervisors may have known what White was doing and possible condoned his actions.

For this reason, the case is as much about knowing the roles played by others than just the charges against White himself.

Inquiries have been made of the local District Attorney as to when the next administrative hearing and subsequent trial will be rescheduled.

The watchdog group known as the Pasquotank Citizens Against Fraud and Wasteful Government Spending have inquired of Pasquotank County attorney Mike Cox about some of the related matters – with little success.

Meanwhile, county officials seem intent upon discrediting local critics such as James Morris instead of aiding in the prosecution of the case. Nor’eastern News will report details as information about the case is released..