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NEW BERN – District Attorney Scott Thomas announced that, in Craven County Superior Court last week, DAVONDEVISH CALAH BRYANT, 38, of Vanceboro, pled guilty to multiple felony charges involving possession and distribution of heroin and fentanyl, and was sentenced to a prison term of approximately 10 to 14 years. Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Foster presided over this term of court, and the cases were prosecuted in court by Assistant District Attorney Chekesha Hukins.

The charges arose out of three separate investigations. First, an undercover informant working with the Craven County Sheriff’s Office and CNET (Coastal Narcotics Enforcement Team) purchased $ 420 worth of fentanyl-laced heroin from a person. It was determined that the seller obtained the drugs from Bryant.


Next, the Craven County Sheriff’s Office and CNET conducted surveillance on Bryant’s residence. As a result of the surveillance operation, they then obtained warrants on Bryant, and when they went to arrest him, they found him in possession of more than 8 grams of heroin, a 12-gauge shotgun, $ 1750 in cash, and a binder labeled with gang references and Bryant’s nickname (“Fats”) on it.

Last, New Bern Police responded to a call regarding a black Ford Expedition which was at a gas pump, engine running, and in gear. They found Bryant in the driver’s seat, and Anthony Massengill in the passenger’s seat. Both were slumped over and unresponsive at first. Bryant had the vehicle in gear and his foot on the brake. As Bryant began to regain consciousness, the vehicle began to move forward until Bryant put it in park at the direction of the officers. When they were removed from the vehicle, a plastic bag corner containing a tan powder fell to the ground. Bryant had a straw tucked behind his ear with tan powder on it. Another bag corner containing tan powder was found in the cupholder.

Bryant pled guilty to the following charges: Trafficking in Heroin; Trafficking in Opium; Possession of a Firearm by Felon; Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver Heroin; Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver Fentanyl; Felony Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance; Maintaining a Vehicle or Dwelling for Controlled Substances; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bryant also admitted his status as an habitual felon (his prior record includes at least three prior felony convictions for, among other things, cocaine possession, robbery, and breaking and entering). Judge Foster imposed consecutive sentences totaling 122 to 172 months (approximately 10 to 14 years). He also ordered Bryant to pay a mandatory $ 50,000 fine, court costs, jail fees, laboratory fees, and attorney’s fees for his appointed counsel. He ordered that both the money and firearm seized from Bryant be forfeited to the appropriate agencies.

NOTE: Under North Carolina Structured Sentencing law, a convicted criminal defendant must serve all of the minimum active sentence and may be required to serve up to the maximum sentence. Upon release at the conclusion of the prison sentence, a nine to twelve month period of post-release supervision by a probation officer is required.