Heritage Farm Festival offers entertaining look back

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The antique tractor and horse parade proved to be a real crowd pleaser!

The antique tractor and horse parade proved to be a real crowd pleaser!

EDENTON — The Town of Edenton and Chowan County came together on Saturday to celebrate agricultural history. The Heritage Farm Festival brought out farmers, citizens, politicians and vendors of various types to celebrate the community’s farming past — and to have some fun.

This event focused on the history of Edenton. Numerous activities of the past were on display, including farming, fishing, forestry and family life. An antique tractor and horse parade was one of many highlights.

Nixon’s Barbecue catered the affair, with homemade ice cream featured, including fresh roasted peanuts, snow cones, and many other treats. The Edenton Farm Market was the sponsoring organization.


On hand were live animals — goats, cows, and sheep, with the latter herded by a well-trained border collie. Competitive events included antique tractors pushing around a barrel on a designed course that took various turns and twists, showing how effective the drivers were at completing the course, which was timed.

Numerous pieces of old equipment, used on the farm 50 years ago, were available and still operating today. There were a number of period styled activities including soap-making, butter making – a reminder of hardships when things were done by hand rather than by modern machinery.

Inside, numerous craft vendors displayed their wares; for example: finished animal pelts, hand carved wood and jewelry items, and much much more. The United States Equine Rescue League was also there to raise awareness of their activities on behalf of starving and mistreated horses.

The weather was beautiful all day and everyone seemed to have a great time. There were numerous people who were dressed up in the clothing of that period and an old scarecrow who kept everybody laughing with his antics and his good spirit.

To say “a wonderful time was had by all” would certainly be an understatement.