GOP stalwart casts Electoral College vote

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Dave Wickersham joined 14 of his Republican counterparts Monday for the historic occasion.

RALEIGH – Dave Wickersham, chairman of the Pamlico County Republican Party, went to the state capital Monday for a historic purpose! Wickersham was one of just 15 North Carolina Republican Presidential Electors who convened for the 58th North Carolina Electoral College.

All fifteen Electors voted for Donald J Trump and Michael R Pence for President and Vice President, respectively. The Electoral College met in the historic old Legislative Office Buiding in Raleigh at noon per the requirements of North Carolina Law and the US Constitution.

Earlier this year, Wickersham was elected as a Presidential Elector at the Third Congressional District Convention. President Trump won the popular vote in North Carolina in the General Election of November 3rd and by law, the Electors are required to cast their ballot for the winner of the popular vote.

Six copies of the Electors’15 signatures attesting their vote for President – bound for Congress by way of the NC Secretary of State.

Wickersham has been a strong supporter of President Trump and is very proud of the voters of Pamlico County and the state of North Carolina. President Trump won 64 percent of the vote in the Pamlico County this past November.

“I consider it an exceptional honor and privilege to be selected to serve as a Presidential Elector along with the other 14 Electors from around the state. It is difficult to describe the sense of history that surrounds the Electoral process, especially considering the historic location of where the Electors convene to cast their Constitutional vote.

“For me personally, it makes me keenly aware of the wisdom of our founding fathers to ensure a representative form of government for our Republic. The Electoral College brings equality to the process, ensuring representation is balanced, and that the President is not chosen by only those living in large cities but by citizens across the entire country. The Electoral College has withstood the test of time and I remain a staunch supporter and advocate,” said Wickersham.

Regarding controversy over the election and President Trump’s statements about a rigged election, the local GOP Chairman stated his support for the President’s efforts and strongly believes the vote in the ‘swing states’ was fraudulent.
“It seems as though there have been claims of election fraud every election by both major parties but we have never seen anything that compares with this coordinated and targeted effort by the Democrat Party and the mainstream media before, during and after this election,” he said. “The Democrats told the country what they were going to do and they did it. They forecast the outcome because they knew it was going to be ‘managed’ to ensure a victory.”

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