From zero to complete waterfront park in just 3 days!

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BRIDGETON – Monday was a beehive of activity at Vernon Blades park as volunteers prepped the site for a full-bore launch of a KABOOM! playground, with a ribbon cutting tentatively set for Wednesday afternoon.

The unbelievably fast project is part of the run-up to the town’s popular Blueberry Festival on June 28 & 29.


Volunteers from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the Town of Bridgeton, and the community have joined forces to transform an empty site into a kid-designed, state-of-the-art playground at popular Vernon Blades Park. The new playground will help make play the easy choice for kids and families in Craven County.

“Together, KaBOOM! and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina considered our request and answered,” said Ray Parker, a Bridgeton volunteer. “This generous grant program has provided a Kids Paradise to experience and enjoy. Thank you both for your generosity and care for the Bridgeton Community at large and its younger generation. You made it happen!”

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