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There are additional questions that need to be clarified concerning Amendment #1 to the State of Emergency issued by the Town of Oriental March 30, 2020.

Q: What is a nonresident non-property owner?

A: A nonresident nonproperty owner is a visitor that comes to stay in the Town of Oriental for recreational purposes for less than 30 days, who does not own property here (visiting, vacationing)

Q: What is a nonresident property owner?

A: A nonresident property owner lives permanently elsewhere, but owns a second home or boat here. Those people may come visit their second home, but need to bring enough supplies to provide for 14 days of self-isolation without leaving the residence.

Q: What about people moving here?

A: The amendment does NOT cover people moving here for longer than 30 days, but requires them to self-isolate for the first 14 days here- same as nonresident property owners visiting.

Q:What about long-term renters?

A: Long term renters (more than 30 days) are at the property with the permission of the owner and are considered the same as the property owner. New long-term rentals should self-isolate for 14 days.

Q: I was approached because I have out-of-state tags on my car, what can I do?

A: Document (name, photo) the party harassing you and call the police (252-249-0555). As long as you are following the rules, nobody has a right to stop you from moving about freely.

Q: I live near Oriental, but not IN Oriental. Can I still shop there?

A: Absolutely! According to the Governor’s order, and according to Amendment 1, Section 10, movement to and through Oriental for the completion of essential errands (groceries, medical appts, Vet, etc) or to perform essential service (contracted) or work is allowed.

Q: Do I need a pass to get into Oriental?

A: No. However, those who are coming here to work on contract may need something between their home and work to get from other places TO Oriental, we would suggest that you carry some evidence of that contract as you travel.