Four people on probation in Pamlico County arrested for parole and drug violations.

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The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office and NC Probation/Parole recently teamed up and conducted searches of offenders. During these searches’ drugs, guns and US Currency was located. Most of these offenders are currently on probation or parole for drug violations.

The home of Demario Tyair Himbry was searched as a part of his stipulations of being placed on probation/parole. He was arrested and charged with the following:

Demario Tyair Himbry, 33, of 20591 NC HWY 55 EAST, ORIENTAL NC.

Charge: Possession of Firearm by Felon

Bond: No Bond- Parole Violation

During the search at HIMBRY’s residence, a female was located hiding in the closet. It was later determined that she had an active arrest warrant. She was transported to the Pamlico County Jail and placed in isolation due to being charged with a drug crime. The next day detention center staff noticed that she began acting as if she was under the influence of drugs. It was later determined that she came into the jail with drugs hidden inside her vagina, retrieved those drugs, shared the drugs with another female inmate that was in isolation and they both used some of the drugs. Heather Marie Armstrong, 21, of 957 NC Highway 306, Grantsboro, NC is charged with the following:

Sell/Deliver Heroin
Provide Contraband to Inmate
Possess CS Prison/Jail Premises
Possess Marijuana up to ½ oz.
Possess Marjuana Paraphernalia

Heather Marie Armstrong has a secure bond of $25,000.

The home of Matthew Ryan Allen was search as part of the stipulations of being placed on probation/parole.

Matthew Ryan Allen, 30, 1100 HWY 55, Grantsboro, NC was charged with the following:

Possess Sch IV Controlled Substance
Possess Drug Paraphernalia
Pending Probation Charges

Matthew Ryan Allen has a secure bond of $10,000.

A search warrant was executed at the home of Timothy Deondrea Smith. Deputies arrived at Smith’s residence to serve a civil judgement on Smith. Upon arrival deputies could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the residence. Deputies applied for and obtained a search warrant for the residence and located cocaine, marijuana, drug packaging material and US Currency inside the residence.


Timothy Deondrea Smith, 37, of 139 Mill Quarter Rd, Grantsboro, NC was arrested and charged with the following crimes:

PWISD Cocaine
Maintain Vehicle/Dwelling/Place for CS
Possession of Marijuana up to 1/2 oz.
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Not for Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia
Probation Violation

Timothy Deondrea Smith has a secure bond of $20,000.00.

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