FOSSIL FESTIVAL Set for May 25 & 26 in Aurora. See Section B for lineup!

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Suspense builds for mega-celebrations!

AURORA — There are actually two celebrations planned for Memorial Day weekend — the 25th Year of the Fossil Festival and the 40th Birthday of the Fossil Museum. The museum’s executive director is Cindy Crane. She is a lovely young woman, but you’d never know it from the this photo where she exhibits a menacing stare behind a MASSIVE shark tooth.

The amazing fossilized tooth is from the giant white shark C. megalodon, estimated to have been 58 feet long! This valuable relic, donated by Mark Bennett, was discovered years ago in the Aurora Phosphate Mine and is a special find to mark the 40th Birthday. It is indeed a rare occasion to have an Aurora Megalodon tooth as the focal point of the annual raffle.


Tickets are $1 each, or smart patrons will buy six tickets for $5. All proceeds go to the Aurora Fossil Museum. The drawing for the winning ticket will occur at 7 pm on Saturday, May 26th during the Annual Fossil Auction, held in the picnic shelter behind the Museum Learning Center.

Fossilized teeth from this terror of the ancient seas are now the State Fossil of North Carolina!