Former CBS News reporter claims feds hacked her computer

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2-B-section-Page-12-Lawsuit-picWASHINGTON, D.C. — We surely remember the claims by candidate Obama that his Administration would be the most transparent in history. So it is somewhat surprising to hear that former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI to secure investigative information pertaining to its investigation of her.

Attkisson has teamed with watchdog organization Judicial Watch.

So what are Attkisson and Judicial Watch suing the Dept. of Justice about? The answer is Fast & Furious, the government gun-running activity, which has been well publicized. While most people know about this matter, it is likely that most do not know about the lawsuit to force the hand of the Attorney General.


For those who do not know her credentials, Attkisson won both the Emmy and the Edward R. Murrow awards for Investigative Journalism. In February 2011, she broke the story about the Fast & Furious gun running scandal. Since then she has filed more than 100 stories about the debacle, which allegedly prompted federal authorities to hack her home and business computers.

Judicial Watch has obtained copies of emails, and from them, they know that the Obama White House and the Justice Dept sought to silence Attkisson in similar ways to other First Amendment matters involving reporters. Now she and they may finally know how far up the chain of command this matter goes.

In a related story, another Fast & Furious weapon was used in the 2013 Phoenix Gang-Style Assault. So stay tuned. There is much more to come!!!