Forget November! May 8 is Decision Day for Pamlico County Board of Education

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From left: Judy Humphries, Paul Delamar Jr., and Carinna Smith are vying for two At-Large seats on the Pamlico County Board of Education. For other elective posts, deciding races happen in November. But not for the Board of Education – candidates for that board are picked on May 8th, with early voting to start April 19.

BAYBORO – Three candidates attended a Forum Tuesday night hosted by a group known as Pamlico Progressives. The trio responded to many questions, but here is a sampling of their response to one specific query:

What would success look like for you as a result of your time in office?

Judy Humphries:
There would be dramatic gains in reading and math at the K-8 level.  This may be one of our bigger challenges when you consider the number of disadvantaged students that we serve.  The programs are in place to achieve our goals; we must efficiently use our resources to get the job done.


The local teacher supplement must reach a level equal to the best in Eastern North Carolina.  If we reach this goal, it will allow us to recruit from a limited supply of well qualified teachers.

We must maintain strong school based leadership.  Administrators must be good day-to-day managers and have the knowledge to ensure that the curriculum is being implemented using the best instructional practices.

Finally, we will have been successful if we can raise the expectations of parents, students, and other stakeholders – probably our greatest challenge.

Paul Delamar Jr.:
Success for me begins at the student level.  I truly want all students to be the best that they can be.
In order for this to happen, I will have played a part in assuring the following:

  • Our schools will be even safer than they currently are.  As new technology is developed and greater funding results from public pressure, we will use these resources to stay on top of the safety issues.
  • Our schools will have effective teachers equipped with resources and skills to meet student needs.  Competitive local supplements and excellent working conditions will attract these teachers.
  • Our school level administrators will be strong leaders – they will know curriculum and maximize resources to make sure its delivery is as effective as possible.  They will recruit effective teachers and maximize their talents.Student performance (growth and proficiency) will be increasing.

If all indicators point to improved student learning at all levels, I will be happy!

Carinna Smith:
I feel a successful four years on the board for me would be to see a more diverse school district. I would like to see teachers’ pay increase thus maintaining retention. The implementation of additional remedies for school suspension would be another highlight of my time in office.

I would also like to see the establishment of internships with neighboring companies or factories for high school students. My highest achievement would be knowing that I have been a voice for those who feel they have no voice in the education of our most valuable resource; our children.

Knowing that I may not accomplish all of these, just making a difference in the lives of our children would make me feel it was a successful term.