First in a three-part series

Vaccine About Control, Not Health

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By David Brookman | Guest Commentary

Editor’s note: Since March 2020, when pandemic precautions were first launched in this area, many readers have sent this newspaper warnings and dire predictions about how restrictions might evolve. None have been more prescient than Mr. Brookman, who is the author of this three-part series. 

Does anyone really care about your long-term welfare? Do you think our governments are altruistic and have only your best interest at heart with all the laws, policies and regulations that are constantly implemented? 

After many months of government-imposed Covid restrictions, it appears a minority of “working” people are aware of the proven hazards of following the unlawful mandates and edicts around the world. 

Our front line people (firefighters, police, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, pilots, truck drivers, military, etc.) have helped maintain some stability during the “pandemic.” Now, thankfully, they are resisting a very problematic injection – even in the face of losing their jobs! Soon, when an emergency occurs, who you gonna call? “Ghost Busters?”

People in general believe in individual rights given to us by God – not those “bestowed” on us by governments. Having witnessed the deadly results of injecting an experimental shot of unknown ingredients into the bodies of frightened citizens, many are refusing to be a part of this experiment.

With a myriad of conflicting information (lies, deceit and propaganda), it has been difficult for the average citizen to find the truth. Although tagged as “conspiracy” outlets by social media and the main stream media, many alternative information sources have begun to provide some clarity. 

Over the past months, I have tried to focus on what makes logical sense, breaking down conflicting information into simple basic truths: 

A. Follow the money for reasons that things happen

B. Tyranny covets power

C. Evil versus Good

There currently is a purposeful destruction of economies, food supplies, rule of law, fundamental rights, cultures, overall health and reproductive capabilities by governments insisting on “jabbing” all individuals regardless of the proven disastrous consequences. 

When considering all options in response to these actions, the ultimate answer is DO NOT COMPLY!

Most individuals who rely on main stream media are convinced that getting the “vaccine” is a sound and responsible decision. 

It is common knowledge that our illustrious federal government paid hospitals thousands of dollars for every Covid 19 case and additional funds if the patient died from Covid 19. It is no wonder that with such obscene financial inducements that in the beginning of this pandemic there were LARGE NUMBERS of cases! 

Who would figure that the medical industry was thoroughly corrupted when so much money was available, and where the pharmaceutical companies were funding medical schools, hospitals and kickbacks to obliging doctors in the promotion of their endless supply of “new” miracle drugs?

They also relied on the PCR test procedure, which resulted in over 95% false positives! To this day no one has proven that the virus exists when employing basic scientific principles taught in high school!

Jon Rapporport at has written over 200 articles on this matter. If a dissenting voice is out there, please provide your solid proof — and not the typical overused response that it is “proven science.”

People should be aware of the many DISASTROUS side affects and deaths for individuals across the world who have taken the vaccine. A major result for many of these healthy people is the formation of blood clots causing strokes, heart attacks and severe medical conditions requiring emergency hospitalization.

There are literally thousands of these cases, even corroborated by the corrupt CDC and WHO organizations, that should make anyone who has not been vaccinated to avoid it.

As previously stated, if this experimental “vaccine” has so many adverse reactions, why are ALL governments (Federal, State and Local) pushing and coercing those who question the viability of the shot to get it done anyway?

See my “three basic truths” above. 

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