Firefighters combat blaze in single-wide trailer

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BAYBORO – Prompt, efficient responses from at least five of Pamlico County’s volunteer fire departments – Triangle, Grantsboro-Silverhill, Reelsboro, Olympia, and Florence-Whortonsville – quickly quelled a trailer fire at 1467 Hwy. 304. just north of Bayboro.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, although veteran firefighter Steve Jennings – wearing oxygen and complete gear – bravely entered the dwelling to ensure that no one was inside. The fire source appeared to be inside a wall, near a rear entry-way door, although no official evaluation has been released.

Nearby trailers would have been at risk, had the fire not been extinguished promptly. Here is a timeline, with photos, of the response.

1:40pm With fire trucks on their way, the front windows of the trailer emit a thick, smokey haze.

1:42pm The first firefighter on the scene deploys a hose

1:43pm Jennings and another firefighter determine that the front door is locked

1:44pm Jennings uses a special tool to break a window near the front door.

1:45pm Water flows.

1:46pm Jennings breaks thru the front door.

1:47pm Jennings signals to other firefighters that the fire source appears to be at rear of trailer.

1:48pm The front door is completely removed should unobstructed entry be required.

1:50pm A charred rear door and other indicators point to the fire source, which is quickly extinguished.

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