Firearms expert argues against more gun laws

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Better to outlaw pants! Belt loop as effective as ‘slide fire’ device!

U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein has introduced federal legislation to ban ‘bump stocks’ in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings.
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By Eric Noevere

Editor’s note: Thanks to local firearms expert Eric Noevere for tbis two-part series in which he theorizes that the Las Vegas killer differs from the New York City terrorist and from the Texas church shooter. “It hurts when we already have laws for background checks,” notes Noevere. “The Texas shooter should have been disqualified from firearm ownership based on his conviction for domestic violence while in the Air Force. Somehow the system failed to be updated to reflect this, and he was allowed to buy guns. Why have laws when idiot bureaucrats don’t do their job?”

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas killer attached ‘slide fire stocks’ to some of his rifles but that did not make them full auto. The Obama Administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Enforcement twice ruled that they complied with current laws. The device uses recoil from the previous round to squeeze the gun’s trigger again after it resets, as long as you keep pulling on the outer bump stock trigger and pulling forward on the front of the gun.

The result: Shoot faster, but not very accurately. The rate of fire with these devices from timed observations on You Tube videos of people accustomed to these devices is about 480 rounds per minute (RPM) max (I’m ignoring the advertised rates).


The US M4 battle rifle fires 700-900 RPM, the SAW about 750-1000 RPM An experienced shooter such as myself using a semi auto rifle can fire about 10 rounds accurately in 2.5 seconds, or a rate of approximately 240 rounds per minute. Jerry Miculek, a professional competition shooter, who is 63 years old can do 10 rounds in 1.37 seconds, or about 480RPM (not his best time). This is fast as someone using the same type of rifle with a slide fire device. Don’t believe me? Check out this video where Jerry goes head to head with another very experienced shooter with a slide fire device .

Using a slide fire device effectively requires practice and more strength and stamina to fire since you need to keep pulling on the front stock or grip while firing. And, I have been unable to find any online mention of slide fire devices being used in any crimes before Oct 1st.

You can achieve the same rate of fire using your belt loop as the slide fire device — using common semi auto rifles. If you Google “belt loop bump fire” you will see lots of examples of what looks like full auto fire (it’s not) with a variety of guns being done with just a belt loop.

The ‘Who needs these kinds of devices argument?’ can then, of course, be applied to semi auto weapons as well as legal full auto weapons. The Pulse nightclub shooter killed 49 people with one out-of-the box semi auto rifle and handgun. The Las Vegas shooter planned longer and had more resources. He likely still would have been able to acquire the means to commit this scale of massacre even if he had could not have legally acquired semi auto fire arms and slide fire devices.

Remember! There are millions of semi auto rifles legally owned. Some reliable sources estimate upwards of 60 million magazines able to hold at least 30 rounds, and thousands of slide fire stocks out there. Would a ban really get all these out of private hands? Better ban pants with belt loops, too, since they can be used as a slide fire device.

Proposed legislation has already been introduced to ban “bump fire devices.” You can bet the Deocrats would insist on attaching things like “mandatory background checks” (back door registration), bans on magazine capacity, etc. U.S. Sen. Feinstein’s bill: “The Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act” is worded so that making almost any improvements to a semi auto rifle (such as putting in a better competition trigger) would make you a felon.

The Democrats would try to get as much mission creep into any bill as they can. Nancy Pelosi said as much in a news conference. She is hoping that any law would lead to more and more gun control legislation.

There are millions of semi auto rifles and handguns legally owned in the USA. These are used for a variety of reasons, from self defense, sporting competition, hunting, collecting, etc. It is unlikely any laws will deter a highly intelligent, evil individual bent on murder and mayhem like the one in Las Vegas. Sen. Feinstein admits as much. The killer in Vegas was wealthy, had explosive making materials and was a pilot. Wonder what he would have done if he hadn’t used guns?

Recent mass murders in Europe and Scandinavia bear out that strict gun laws do not stop mass shootings and murder. In Norway (population 5.2 million) in 2011, a single killer used a fertilizer bomb to kill 8 people; then traveled to an island with a teen age summer camp and killed 69 with a semi auto handgun and semi auto rifle. He had to jump through many hoops and background checks to get these weapons. He did long and meticulous planning – as did the Las Vegas shooter.

In Paris in 2015, terrorists had no way to obtain firearms legally in France, so they just smuggled in full auto military weapons and grenades. Their attack at the Bataclan theater alone killed 89, many more were killed in other nearby attacks. Open borders are a great idea, right?

In Nice a terrorist attack using a rented truck as a weapon killed 86. France with a population of 67 million had more mass shooting casualties in 2015 (532) alone than occurred in the U.S. from Jan 2009 to Jan 2017 (527) per Crime Prevention Resource Center.

If you adjusted these figures to reflect the current U.S. population of 323 million, the rate per capita for Norway and France would be much higher. .

Passing useless laws is a feel good response. We all wish these events hadn’t happened. The situation won’t be helped by passing more legislation that restricts the rights of the law abiding. We will see if BATFE reviews the slide fire issue again and what they decide.

I was very disappointed in the National Rifle Association’s position to request a review of slide fire devices. Would BATFE overnight turn people who had previously purchased these devices legally into felons? How about someone who has pants with belt loops and owns a semi auto rifle or handgun?


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