Fire in Reelsboro requires aid from all of county’s volunteer fire departments

The house, seen here before the fire, is located on the south side on Highway 55 between Reelsboro and Olympia.

REELSBORO – A residential fire Tuesday afternoon at 5152 Highway 55 in Reelsboro triggered a massive response. At one point, all of Pamlico County’s nine volunteer fire departments were on the scene – including more than 20 emergency vehicles and approximately 40 firefighters.

One middle-aged white male – with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries – was transported by the Pamlico County Rescue Squad to Carolina East Medical Center. At the 40-minute mark of the response (which began at approximately 1 p.m.) officials also summoned a second ambulance when one of the firefighters experienced a heat-related ailment.

Initial efforts to douse the blaze – which originated in the east side of the single story structure – were successful. However, first-on-the-scene tankers were quickly depleted – forcing a delay as backup tankers were called in.


When flames resumed at one point, officials asked six fully-equipped firefighters to enter through the front door of the structure. All later emerged unharmed.

Pamlico County Fire Marshal Chris Murray is expected to release a statement with more details regarding the incident.

Firefighters beat back the blaze with two hoses.

At the top of a ladder, one firefighter cuts into the house with a chain saw.

Comrades assist a fellow firefighter in changing out an air pack.

To deal with the pesky fire, six fully equipped firefighters enter the burning building.

Presumably an occupant of the house, a middle aged white male is loaded into an ambulance.

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