‘Field Day’ set for this weekend!

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GRANTSBORO — When the ubiquitous Internet, smart phones, and assorted electronics suddenly bite the dust — and many in the know are convinced that such a scenario is more real than science fiction — it may well fall upon our nation’s Ham Radio Operators to re-establish some type of basic communications.

For a fascinating insight into how this super reliable system works, a hard-working group of local enthusiasts known as PARS (an acronym for Pamlico Amateur Radio Society) intends to muster on the grounds of the Shrine Club at 2421 NC Hwy 306 this Saturday and Sunday for what is known as a ‘Field Day.’

From 2 pm until 6 pm on Saturday, and from 8 am until noon on Sunday, these experts will attempt to contact other operators throughout the nation and the world! And, they sometimes do it in frenetic fashion!


The event is free, and takes place rain or shine. There is also the opportunity to ‘Get on the Air’ — sort of like ‘instant messaging’ — but a lot more fun! Regular people (like you and me) sit down at a transmission station, where we will endeavor to reach other Ham operators — hopefully one or two tucked away in some remote corner of the Universe far removed from today’s cyberspace worries!

For more information, Bill Michne is the guy to call at (252) 249-1175.