Fate fuzzy for golf course | Membership confirms intent to sell

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From left, Mayor Tim Fowler, and commissioners Adam Garfinkel, Cliff Braly, Kenny Campen, and David Gaskins.

MINNESOTT BEACH – Ed Kujat, the president of Minnesott Golf and Country Club, told town officials Tuesday night “we are moving forward to sell the club” and that a recent vote among club members was “59 to 1” in favor of doing so.

After an August decision by the town’s elected officials not to pursue a purchase option for the golf course and related buildings, Kujat said “four candidates approached us” with a Jan. 15 deadline for “our members to evaluate all materials submitted.”

If the town is to re-enter the ranks of prospective purchasers, Mayor Tim Fowler and his colleagues on the board learned – during a Jan. 7 meeting with the town attorney – “that we must first determine two things: The fair market value of any leaseback, and the fair market value of the land itself.”


Fowler said an appraisal firm in Greensboro, which specializes in the valuations of country club and hotel properties, can furnish documentation and an analysis of market values for a fee of $5,900 – with a contractual timeline of 45 days.

“You (the town) can become one of those people we will consider,” said Kujat. Referring to the fair market value of some future leaseback arrangement, Kujat added a caveat: “If it (leaseback) comes back with a significant dollar value, we’re probably out of business.”

At another point in the meeting, Kujat hinted at another option. “We may shut the course down and determine if the town wants to just purchase the property.”

Town commissioner Cliff Braly reminded Kujat, a half dozen citizens, and his fellow commissioners “our attorney could not cite a similar case where this type of purchase has been done before.”

Although no vote was take to authorize an appraisal of the golf course and country club, Fowler did secure the board’s unanimous approval to proceed with legal work known as a title search – a necessary precursor to any future purchase offer, however murky at this point.