Evidence points to virus as deadly Chinese lab blunder!

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Stranger than science fiction ‘Gain of Function’ experiments get sloppy

By Eric Noevere

Recently, Fox News correspondent Brett Hume reported that the Covid 19 outbreak appears to have originated by accidental release from a Level 4 Biological Research Lab. A worker there apparently was the source of the original case that started the Wuhan Covid 19 pandemic.

This worker apparently had not visited the Seafood Market where the Chinese Government says the outbreak originated – supposedly from infected bats. The US National Institute of Health has reportedly been funding research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology since the Obama administration. The study focused on the Corona Viruses that caused SARS and MERS some years ago, with the intention of mitigating a related future outbreak.

Some news reports allege that the USA Embassy in China twice sent cables to the State Department, warning of safety and management weaknesses at the lab.

Where is the “bat lady” in all this, also known as Dr. Shi Zhengli? She is a prominent researcher at the Wuhan lab. In published papers from 2005 and 2006, she established that SARs originated in Horse Shoe bats. Her team had also collaborated with Dr. Ralph Baric of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Baric published an article in 2016, describing how mice had been genetically engineered mice to allow them to be infected by bat viruses very similar to SARS. Indeed, Covid 19 was in bat dropping samples recovered by the Wuhan lab from a cave in China in 2013 – recently analyzed this past January.

The two teams had also cooperated in what are called gain of function experiments on SARS and other bat Corona Viruses. Gain of function refers to manipulation to give existing viruses new attributes, including but not limited to, becoming more infectious and more severe.

The US had a moratorium on this type of research from 2014 to 2018 over safety concerns and fears of bad actors using this technology to make weapons.

Dr. Zhengli had stated very forcefully that the outbreak did not start in her lab. However, as of late, she hasn’t been seen. The Chinese government a few weeks ago stopped all research – foreign and domestic — on the origins of this pandemic.

Records from the Wuhan lab can’t be obtained. Dr. Ai Fen, Director of Emergency at Wuhan Central hospital, reported to her supervisors a SARS like respiratory illness in December of last year. She was reprimanded and now is also scarce!

Dr. Wen Liag, another early whistle blower, was reprimanded, and later died of Covid 19 in February. The Chinese Government, after originally contending that Covid 19 came from a “wet market,” subsequently changed its story to blame the release on the U.S. Army. And, of course, the Chinese Government did not acknowledge human-to-human transmission until late into the outbreak. They did nothing to slow the international spread of this disease, although they did internally quarantine Wuhan. The Chinese government turned back ships carrying medical supplies to the US.

Looks like the folks at Wuhan got a little sloppy with one of their Frankensteins. We may have helped Dr. Zhengli develop these technologies. Although likely well-meaning research, the gain of function studies may have been used to enhance this virus’s ability to cause disease in humans.

What would we do if the Chinese launched an accidental nuclear strike on the US and killed 40,000-plus people?

The disruption to date of Covid 19 is of the same order – massive unemployment, many thousands still sick, economic collapse. Perhaps real reparations should be demanded. Our government should pressure our companies to get out of China, especially where medicines, medical equipment, other critical items are concerned.

Give all of this some thought before you go to Walmart to buy an inexpensive Made-in-China item.

Editor’s note: Mr. Noevere is a medical professional and firearms expert who lives in Pamlico County.

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