Drug busts continue across county!

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Seriff Chris Davis
Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office

Within the last several weeks, The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints of drug activity in the Reelsboro Community of Pamlico County. As a result of the complaints, members of the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office conducted numerous operations and arrested numerous criminal suspects. The operations consisted of conducting search warrants, conducting traffic stops and making controlled purchases utilizing undercover agents. The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office will continue to target those individuals within our communities that continue to sale and distribute narcotics.

Tabbatha Lynn Targett 02/20/1977 Reelsboro
Arrested for: PWIMSD Sch III, Deliver Sch III, Drug Paraphernalia.
Bond $6000.00 Secured


Shawna Williams Arnold 06/29/1966 Reelsboro
Arrested for: PWIMSD Sch IV CS
Bond $50,000.00 Secured

Denard T Potter Jr 12/16/1969 Reelsboro
Arrested for: PWISMD Sch II CS, Conspiracy to Sell/Deliver Sch II.
Bond $25,000.00 Secured

Hiawatha Antonio Keys 06/16/1985 Edward
Arrested for: PWIMSD Heroin, PWIMSD Sch II CS, Drug Paraphernalia
Bond $50,000.00 Secured

George E. Bateman 03/21/1991 Reelsboro
Arrested for: PWIMSD SCH II CS.
Bond $50,000.00 Secured

Terry Lee Ormond 01/14/1992 Grantsboro
Arrested for: PWIMSD Sch II CS, PWIMSD Sch IV CS, Alter/Destroy Criminal Evidence, Drug Paraphernalia.
Bond $5,000.00 Secured

Ralph Gregory Kinnion JR 06/11/1992 Reelsboro
Arrested for: PWISD Marijuana, Alter/Destroy Criminal Evidence.
Bond $7,500.00 Secured

Michael Wayne Wyman 11/24/1975 New Bern
Arrested for: PWIMSD Marijuana, Resisting Public Officer, Drug Paraphernalia.
Bond $10,000.00 Secured

Michael Russel Lewis 01/28/1946 Bayboro
Arrested for: Sell/Deliver Sch II CS, Trafficking in Opium, Sell/Deliver C/S within 1000 Ft of School.
Bond $250,000.00 Secured

Wanted by Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office:

Danen Fitzgerald Hicks 3 Counts PWISD Cocaine

Elven Marie Johnson PWISD Marijuana


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