Despite remarks about McCain, Donald Trump best bet for ‘no-talented Republicans’

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By Calvin Lacy | Political Analysis

When the Vietnam War was over and troops were being repatriated, the government needed a way to deflect America’s attention away from the horrors of the longest war ever. And the way to do that was to find a ‘poster boy’ for the cause and so they settled on John McCain, the son of a famous World War II Admiral.

Both political parties strived to mold McCain into the ‘hero’ image that Americans love to idolize and so the myth was born.

How is it that out of the thousands who served in Nam only McCain emerged as a ‘hero’ while thousands of other equally worthy men quickly faded into obscurity upon getting off the plane? There was little to no fanfare for them but that’s another issue. This letter is not about McCain’s wartime accomplishments but rather how the Republicans and the press is all over Donald Trump for saying McCain is no hero while McCain denies the hero status as well.

So, what’s the big ado about anyways? Donald Trump is the best bet for the no-talented Republicans and they need to get on his bandwagon — not try to destroy the best thing they’ve had in decades.

And then there’s Matt Lauer who thought it cute to ask Trump to apologize face to face to McCain.

But the better question would have been to ask Trump to question John McCain about what he did upon going to the Senate. For the clueless, you should know that John Kerry and John McCain teamed up to suppress information about the 1,205 American POWs and MIAs who were left behind. You should know that Air Force general Eugene Tigue was forced into retirement by McCain when he challenged the Pentagon about POWs who, according to north Vietnamese General, Tran Van Quang are being held to ensure post war reparations.

John McCain knows a lot about that and that’s why he sponsored laws to hide the facts from the American people. McCain also revealed a lot about the February 2, 1973, letter to Hanoi’s Premier Pham Van Dong  pledging $3.25 billion for post war reconstruction which never happened.