Dana Outlaw, mayor of New Bern, launches campaign for Congress

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‘Contract’ linchpin of Outlaw campaign for Congress

Family, friends, well-wishers, and campaign workers joined the candidate Wednesday morning for a brief rally at Country Biscuit Restaurant. Outlaw unveiled his ambitious 10-point ‘Contract with NC’s 3rd District’ and pledged to serve no more than three terms, if elected.

Dana Outlaw signs his “Contract with North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.”

NEW BERN – A whopping 26 men and women filed last week for the privilege of representing the 17 counties that comprise North Carolina’s Third Congressional District.

Each candidate hopes to bust thru the crowded field during a campaign of just six short weeks. Their quest is the U.S. House of Representatives – a seat left vacant by the death last month of Walter Jones Jr..

This is indeed a horse race – with no clear favorite. However, among the first to leave the gate this week is veteran New Bern politician, Dana Outlaw!


More than a few political insiders seem inclined to anoint Outlaw as the early front runner – based in part upon a surprise strategy that relies upon Outlaw’s innovative, hard-to-beat “Contract with North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.”

Wednesday morning during a well-attended kickoff, Outlaw resembled a racehorse – one chomping at the bit! He mentioned energy-levels required for campaigning. And, the 64-year-old came across as more than ready for the race of his political career!

During a brief presentation, Outlaw quickly hammered home his rationale for each of the 10 points in the proposed pact with voters — paying particular attention to a term-limit pledge.

In a follow-up email to this newspaper, Outlaw explained his reasoning for a six-year cap should he win the election.

“My past leadership positions with Rotary, Appraisal Board, Church, Fraternal groups and others were all based on a very short time in office to get a lot of things done. More things get done with term limits!!!!”

Nodding in the direction of his new granddaughter, Outlaw said the debate over abortion “has burdened my heart” and added: “Keely wants me to say on her behalf that she may not be with some of her graduating classmates 18 years from now. Somebody has got to be an advocate for that unborn child.”

Most of the contract’s provisions are meant to clearly stake out the candidate’s conservative credentials – a must in gun-toting eastern North Carolina.

“The Second Amendment is dear to my heart,” said Outlaw. “I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association and I have an NRA decal on my truck parked outside.” And, he added, “I am adamantly opposed to the $93 trillion ‘Green Deal.’”

Stay tuned! Election Day for this race is Tuesday, April 30. Check your calendar! That is also the same week as the Kentucky Derby!