Critical comments dropped from wind energy news report

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ELIZABETH CITY — Last week, we reported that elected officials had granted an extension of time to a wind energy developer before construction must begin.

That article was written just before the deadline of this newspaper.

The next day, this reporter was contacted for an interview. I had been one of the speakers at the meeting on Monday night and was interviewed by the local Daily Advance newspaper, pertaining to the information I supplied.


This newspaper, which included with my news article, was already printed when the Daily Advance article was published. In reading the latter article, I noticed that some of the information, was omitted that had been provided, so we are clarifying the record at this time.

My remarks at the County Commission meeting included comments that the commissioners owed it to their constituents to learn the details about this matter, or any other, that was so contentious, in order to be as informed as possible when asked to vote.

I assume the Daily Advance considered these remarks to be critical of the Commissioners, and failed to include them in their report.

Complete and thorough context is essential to objective reporting. Hopefully, our readers will agree.