Crime and Punishment in Pasquotank County – equal justice?

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There were two Sheriff’s Deputies in Pasquotank County who were issued a county credit card for gas purchases in the course of their official duties. Over a period of time, these deputies used the cards to purchase gas for personal vehicles and boats. In the course of a routine audit, the Sheriff’s office determined that the theft had occurred, and the deputies were charged with 10 felonies.

The thefts totaled almost $13,000 according to information provided by Pasquotank County Manger Rodney Bunch. These actions occurred in Dare County.

One deputy stole $9,817 while the other stole $3,178. Once discovered, the deputies were allowed to repay these sums and retire from their posts in exchange for the charges against them being dismissed.


According to Bunch, resolutions of these cases were all negotiated by the Office of District Attorney Frank Parrish. This information was not reported in the local news, although it was reported by a paper in Dare County at the time.

Now, contrast this case with another case of alleged theft from the county, involving recyclable metals from the Solid Waste Division. The employee in this matter has been charged and awaits trial. The case involves approximately $6,000 and has seen repeated continuations.

The Grand Jury indicted employee James White on Dec. 9, 2013, and the case goes to trial more than a year later – reportedly some time this month. The current District Attorney, Andrew Womble, is prosecuting the case.

This newspaper will follow the case to its conclusion.