‘China wants Trump to lose!’ Dr. Greg Murphy, Congressman

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NC THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – Trump operatives were successful late Monday afternoon in generating GOP-flavored media buzz as a counterpoint to the ‘virtual’ Democratic National Convention that kicked off at 9 pm.

Known in the Trump campaign as a ‘press call,’ newspaper reporters throughout eastern North Carolina were invited to a free-wheeling give-and-take with Congressional representative, Dr. Greg Murphy, and with Mike Whatley, chairman of North Carolina’s Republican Party.

Whatley was effective in reiterating major talking points of the GOP Presidential campaign like:

1) Joe Biden’s pledge to raise taxes on 82 percent of U.S. taxpayers, creating job losses of over half a million.

2) Democrats’ plan for open borders and possible citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens.

3) The much-ballyhooed ‘Green New Deal’ that would, according to Whatley,
“ruin our nation’s energy sector.”

4) And, a fond look back at an earlier Presidential re-election campaign – that of Ronald Reagan in 1984 – when the only state that failed to vote Republican was the liberal bastion of Minnesota!

However, it was probably Murphy who threw the biggest bombshells. The Greenville-based physician said, in his opinion, that Biden shows the classic symptoms of “early stage dementia.”

Murphy went on to praise “the fundamental difference in Trump’s approach to the campaign. He’s not hiding in his basement like Biden.” In closing, Murphy reminded reporters on the conference call that Democrats are promoting ‘chaos and anarchy’ as a futile campaign strategy.

And, last but not least, Murphy added: “China wants Trump to lose.”

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