Changed People change people — ‘Break Every Chain’ forum hopes for more stories like that of ‘Erika’

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The conference center at Camp Caroline will host the Second Annual ‘Break Every Chain’ conference on Saturday, March 23. (Photo courtesy of


By Eric Dammeyer

ARAPAHOE – On March 23rd, the love of a community at work will bring healing and hope to Pamlico County. For the second year, the “Break Every Chain” Community Conference is open to the public and offered for a day-long dose of networking, education and “Famlico” healing.

The convention – open to the public free of charge – runs from 9 am to 4 pm at sponsoring organization, Camp Caroline on Janeiro Road between Oriental and Arapahoe.

Groups, agencies, nonprofits, churches, charities, clubs, and individuals will present all day — providing information and networking opportunities. Children will dance, music will sing of hope, and lives will be changed.


This year, the opening event is by the Albemarle Challenge Choir, a group of amazing women who are coming down from Elizabeth City to bless us with their music and stories of hope. Albemarle Teen Challenge is a 12-15 month residential facility for women who are overcoming life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol.

The facility provides a fresh start for women, enabling them to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. The program will provide an opportunity to get away from the negative environment of their past and allow time to make quality decisions for their future.

“Hope Lives Here…Freedom Is Found Here…Changed Lives Leave Here” is the motto that adorns their website: and you can find them on Facebook.

One previous resident of Albemarle Challenge, Erika, publicly declares: “During the 12 months I have been in Albemarle Teen Challenge, I have felt more love, more happiness, and more peace than any drug could ever give me. I once believed an addict was who I was and who I’ll always be, but since God opened the doors for me to come to Albemarle Teen Challenge I have found my true identity in Christ.

After the death of my mom, I began coping with drugs and alcohol at the age of 12 years old. My addiction had only spiraled down hill from there and I began to lose all hope. I lost relationships, my self worth, and my happiness, but through it all God always had his hand on my life. It was when I first got arrested for stealing that God spoke to me.

I remember calling out to God in that jail cell and hearing his still small voice. God had to fully break me so that He could put me back together again through the power of His love. God has fully restored my relationship with my family and has given me back my hope for the future that

He has planned for me. He has completely transformed me into a new person and has freed me from the bondages that have held me captive for so long!

Since I have graduated God led me to complete a six-month internship with Albemarle Teen Challenge and I have been given an amazing opportunity to help other broken women find their healing through Christ. I am truly thankful for Albemarle Teen Challenge for giving me a second chance at life.”

For more information about the March 23 ‘Break Every Chain’ forum, or to apply to be an exhibitor, contact Unified Christian Network 252-671-2330 or email us at