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Jeff Fleming (hidden but wearing blue shirt) is next to Igor (bald guy), who is working on a heater for the ship’s freezer door. Igor is from Ukraine and had photos, sent by a friend, of his apartment building where one side of the structure had been blown off from the war. In foreground, is a smiling gentleman known as Piasan -- apparently amused by the confluence of laborers.

12 Volt Marine Confronts 680 Volts

PART TWO OF FOUR: By Jeff Fleming | 12V Marine LLC Editor’s note: Based in Oriental, the father/son team of Jeff & Colyn Fleming (with 12V Marine) spent most of January on board the world’s largest and newest cruise ship….

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Extensive bridge re-build on Hwy. 55 includes on-site detour

MERRITT – The bridge to be replaced spans Trent Creek, which is a tributary of Bay River. Originally constructed in 1960, the bridge is nearing the end of its service life, and according to state highway officials, a new one…

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First of Two Parts

Expert shares tips for more miles per gallon!

With unleaded gas prices pushing five dollars a gallon and headed higher with no end in sight, this is a great time to examine fuel saving methods.  Some actions will yield significant savings while others less so.  However, lots of…

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