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Bombing Targets can be dangerous places

Restricted areas almost always off-limits to non-military activities

By Mike Barton, Director
Public Affairs Office
MCAS Cherry Point

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT – Bombing Target 9 and Bombing Target 11 – large swaths of water and terrain in or adjacent to Pamlico Sound – will see plenty of activity during February, according to a recent press release from the U.S. Marine Corps.

Please note the graphic, which denotes restricted areas around both targets – off limits to all recreational and commercial boaters. Most of Bombing Target 11 is comprised of an area commonly known as Piney Island in southern Pamlico Sound – a U.S. Government restricted area. Officials remind boaters, fishermen, and hunters to steer clear. Any and all trespassers risk serious injury or death, as well as prosecution for trespassing.

Navy special boat teams will operate on Cherry Point waterways and will conduct surface direct live fire training at Bombing Targets 9 and 11 in the southern and western Pamlico Sound Feb. 14-16. Training will be conducted as late as midnight each day.

Helicopter operations will be conducted at Marine Corps Outlying Landing Field Atlantic in eastern Carteret County Feb. 14-16. Area residents can expect increased helicopter and ground vehicle activity as late as 10 p.m. each day during this period.

Emergency shelter opened at 7:30 AM, October 8th

hurricane-matthew-oct-4Tim Buck | Pamlico County Manager

Due to fast approaching Hurricane Matthew, effective immediately, emergency services has issued a voluntary evacuation for the low lying and flood prone areas of Pamlico County. The emergency shelter opened at 7:30 AM, October 8th, and will remain open until further notice. The shelter is located at Pamlico Community College located at 5049 NC Hwy 306 South in Grantsboro. Please contact Pamlico County Emergency Management, with any questions, at252.745.4131… otherwise, stay tuned to local media stations as well as emergency official’s social media pages for updates. If you are not emergency personnel, you are encouraged remain indoors and off the roads during the storm, as always your safety is our number one concern!

CodeRED weather warning from the City of New Bern

new-bernThis is a CodeRED weather warning from the City of New Bern. We are under a tropical storm warning, which means tropical storm wind conditions from hurricane Matthew are expected within the next 36 hours.

Hurricane Matthew will be located off the North Carolina coast by Saturday evening, however the effects of the storm will be felt prior to tomorrow. It is imperative if you haven’t already done so to stock up on food and water supplies and hurricane preparedness kits prior to the storm’s arrival.

Residents should expect heavy downpours, strong winds, wind gusts, rain, and tropical storm surge during this event. Additionally, residents in low lying areas are strongly encouraged to move to higher ground. These low-lying areas include but are not limited to Woodrow, Duffyfield, North 2nd Ave, North Hills Drive, Cooper’s Landing, parts of Oaks Road, Hazel Avenue and Attmore Drive.

Current storm models are forecasting rainfall amounts, storm surge, and flood water impacts like New Bern experienced during hurricane Irene in 2011. Changes in hurricane Matthew’s track can greatly impact positively or negatively the conditions we will experience here.

The easiest way to report a power outage or storm damage is from the homepage of our website at Or call us at (252)636-4070. Please stay away from downed power lines. Turn around if you encounter flood waters, don’t try to drive or walk through them. Watch out for leaning trees, downed trees, limbs and storm debris. Bring in outdoor furniture, plants, grills, and kids toys…they can become dangerous projectiles in a storm.

Be aware: once conditions begin deteriorating, sustained winds and heavy flooding may make it unsafe for power and emergency crews to respond. Once conditions improve we will resume power outage restoration and emergency response.

Please be safe in this storm. If you have an emergency, dial 911. This is a CodeRED weather warning from the City of New Bern.

Voluntary evacuation of low lying areas of Pamlico County

Tim Buck | Pamlico County Manager

Good afternoon, due to fast approaching Hurricane Matthew, effective immediately emergency services has issued a voluntary evacuation for the low lying and flood prone areas of Pamlico County. The emergency shelter will open tomorrow, October 8, 2016, at 7:30 AM at Pamlico Community College located at 5049 NC Hwy 306 in Grantsboro. Please contact Pamlico County Emergency Management, with any questions, at 252-745-4131… otherwise, stay tuned to local media stations as well as emergency official’s social media pages for updates. If you are not emergency personnel, you are encouraged to remain indoors and off the roads during the storm, please remember, your safety is our number one concern during this event!!!

Back to the 1960s?

Riots, violent radicals, official corruption, chaos, left wing nonsense
In today’s world, we need firepower — not flower power!


By Eric Noevere
News Analysis

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Just a few weeks have passed since the Orlando ISIS attack, while another ISIS attack has occurred at Turkey’s Ataturk airport; a lone wolf attack in Nice France; and two separate attacks by black militants against Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers.

At every turn there have been calls for restrictions on the right to bear arms by law-abiding citizens. Much theater has been done by President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, the U.S. House and Senate Democrats — all attempting to force unconstitutional gun control legislation.

Fortunately this has not moved forward.

Speaker Ryan in the House and Speaker McConnell in the Senate have managed to hold the line on legislation that would seriously infringe our rights. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) in his recent commentary in this newspaper voiced his determination to hold the line against more gun control.

We had two police shootings of young black men followed by attacks on police. We have now had protests and riots in a number of cities since.

Prior to the Dallas attack, Obama had said: “They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

In the first incident there are two videos of Alton Sterling, which show him in a struggle with two officers. He apparently rolled an officer off of him and after Mr. Sterling is shot, a gun is removed from this right pants pocket.

I would give the officers involved the benefit of a doubt. Police were called to the scene after a homeless man called 911 reporting Mr Sterling was armed and had asked him for money.

The Castile incident video starts after the shooting. Mr Castile’s girlfriend states he was reaching for his wallet, and that he was legally armed. However, the attorney for the officer involved — Jeronimo Yanez — is saying the officer fired because Mr. Castile was armed, and not because of his race.

Also the attorney states the reason for the traffic stop was that Mr. Castile matched the description of an armed robber who had held up a gas station two days earlier. The governor of Minnesota, Dayton, chirped that this was racially motivated before the investigation had started. Again we need to reserve judgment as the investigation moves forward.

In any case, the President should have made it clear that justice would be served since he is indeed in a position to make sure of this. There is no need to further incite people.

Shortly after Obama’s speech, the shooting of police officers happened in Dallas. The Black Rights Matter movement often marches with the chant: “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.” What happened to Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violence? it worked!

The U.S. is not perfect but we are a far more equitable society than we were 50 years ago. Dr. King, by the way, was not a believer in gun control — he believed that most gun control laws were passed to prevent African Americans from being armed. Dr. King applied for a concealed carry permit in 1956 after many death threats and having his house bombed, but the State of Alabama denied it.

Great having bureaucrats in charge of our rights, isn’t it? One of the people who marched with Dr. King was Charleston Heston, the late great actor, who for many years was NRA President and popularized the saying “I’ll give you my guns, when you pry them from my cold dead hands.”

Freedom and Liberty can only be preserved when the people can defend themselves.

Attorney General Lynch’s commented in Orlando on June 21” “Our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.” Okay did she get in a time machine and land in 1969 in Woodstock, New York???

Let’s just do some weed and walk around putting flowers into the gun barrels of ISIS Jihadis so they will just feel the love and hang out at the camp fire while we pass them some of the good stuff!

If we want to protect ourselves from monsters, we need to have firepower not flower power. Just before FBI Director Comey’s press conference where he let Hillary off the hook, Attorney General Lynch had an impromptu meeting with Hillary’s husband Bill.

Their planes just happened to be in the same airport at the same time and Bill just had to show Ms. Lynch grandchildren photos and chat about golf. Either Ms. Lynch made some incredible blunders and should resign for incompetence, or she holds the citizenry of this land in such total contempt, thinking that people will not realize that this is a brazen conflict of interest in a high profile criminal case!

Hillary dodged any and all charges, when Comey said: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Director Comey just said there was no intent to commit a crime. Other lesser mortals like General Petraeus have been charged and convicted for the same mishandling of classified material, where they also did not intend to commit a crime.

Where is the Republican Congress and how about a Special Prosecutor? Have the high and mighty truly become above the laws of the land? Will there never be any kind of justice for our four heroes who fell in Benghazi, lives lost due to the incompetence of Obama and Hillary, then covered up with a silly story?

My feeling is that the continuing terrorist attacks at home and abroad are a useful diversion for Hillary and Obama. They can divert attention from her high crimes and misdemeanors, their totally incompetent foreign policy — to a media assault on the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

Our FBI, CIA, NSA, etc are being schooled in political correctness by their masters in the Obama Administration and are actively not investigating people who need to watched — that is what happened with the Orlando terrorist. Let our intelligence agencies do their work within the legal framework! Let them go where the trail takes them.

The Left is skillful at exploiting tragedies to further their agenda. We must fight back by being politically active. Our elected representatives must hear from those of us who care about our rights or they will cave to the mobs. We do not need laws, which strip citizens of their rights without due process, nor do we need gun registration masquerading as “universal background checks,” or further restrictions on the types of firearms that can be legally purchased.

Editor’s note: Eric Noevere is a firearms expert, who teaches weapons training classes in Pamlico County.


Predators usually target mandatory ‘gun-free’ zones

Time has come to arm America! ‘Make my day!’ Carry a gun – shoot a terrorist!


By Eric Noevere

EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA — In light of the two most recent high profile shootings, people are anxious about the possibility of themselves being the victim of an attack. The media has been doing its best to demonize the weapons used.

Many members of the public think that military type weapons are available to the public. This is not so. Also many people think there is an epidemic of “Gun Violence,” also not so.

The media has been fueling a frenzy of fear in an otherwise calm people. It started with the Colorado Springs event and quickly transferred to the San Bernadino event. The authorities in Colorado have been mostly silent about the Colorado Springs attack, apparently some kind of semi-auto rifle was used, and the Planned Parenthood Clinic may have been the target. There are many credible reports that the Colorado Springs shooter was likely mentally unbalanced.

In contrast, it appears the San Bernadino attack was well planned by two married Islamic terrorists, and there are connections to known terrorists abroad. They used two AR-15 civilian type, semi automatic rifles, a DPMs-15, and a Smith and Wesson M&P according to media releases. They also had two handguns.

The media, of course, is over and over again focusing on “assault rifles” being used in these attacks and the President in his speech Sunday night called for restrictions on these weapons. The term assault riflehas been used by politicians, police and the media.

The AR in AR-15 actually is an abbreviation for Armalite, which originally held patents on these modular type rifles.

Weapons experts generally define an assault rifle as a “select fire” weapon where at least two fire modes can be selected — usually fully automatic and semi-auto. They also must have detachable magazines and fire intermediate cartridges.

Semi automatic fire means that the trigger must be pulled for every bullet fired. Fully automatic weapons begin firing with a pull of the trigger and stop either when the trigger is released, or when the weapon depletes its ammunition.

The U.S. military does not consider guns, which lack this “Selective Fire” feature such as AR-15 type rifles, to be “assault rifles.” The term “assault rifle” in German “Sturmgewehr” was the first use of the term. It referred to the first: select fire, intermediate caliber, battle rifle. It was issued in 1944 in limited quantities to German troops.

All commercially available AR-15 and AK-47 type rifles in the U.S. can only fire in the semi automatic mode and are not “assault rifles.”

Current manufacture ‘full auto fire’ capable weapons are not available for sale to the general public — only law enforcement, and some security companies, can buy something like an M-4 military assault rifle.

If you have at least $12,000, you can buy a full auto weapon built before 1986 when the National Firearms Act (NFA) was put in place; however, it is estimated there are only around 10,000 of these are in private hands and most are kept for collector purposes. Would-be owners must obtain special permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to acquire one of these, as well as being able to pay the hefty price since availability is limited.

Not one of these “NFA” weapons has ever been used in a crime. The press often gives the impression that the semi-auto guns used in domestic shootings are full auto. THEY ARE NOT! In Paris, the terrorists used military full auto capable AK-47 type rifles, apparently smuggled in.

In France, civilians cannot buy these weapons.

The National Rifle Association in its monthly journal ‘American Rifleman’ (December issue) quoted FBI statistics that showed in 2014, 6 percent of all murders in the US were committed by rifles and shotguns of all types, with 13 percent of murders committed by knives and other edged weapons, while 6 percent were committed with just hands and feet.

Maybe we should ban knives and register martial arts people instead of worrying about a single type of rifle!

The same article also cites an FBI report of a 1.6 percent decrease in murders committed with firearms from 2013 to 2014. This is a continuing trend where violent crime per FBI statistics has been decreasing from a peak in 1991 to a 44-year low in 2014.

Recent reports on Fox News — based on data from the national instant background check system (NICS) – confirms that over 100,000,000 guns have been sold since Obama took office. Wow!

Lots of new guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens equals decreasing violent crime!? How can that be!

The use of AR-15 or AK-47 type rifles in mass shootings are not inherently going to result in more casualties than if other types of weapon are used. After all, the Virginia Tech shooter used two handguns to kill 31 people. The Norwegian who killed 70-plus used a shotgun and a handgun.

But wait! Obama said mass shootings don’t happen in other advanced countries. I think he actually said it again in a news conference while he was in Paris last week. He apparently forgot what happened there the week before!

If ownership of semi auto rifles is banned or limited by the government more “common sense” restrictions will follow, restricting a certain kind of rifle is not going to eliminate mass shootings. The next target will be another kind of firearm, or backdoor registration schemes such as “universal background checks.”

The rifles that were used by the San Bernadino killers were not “California legal” — they have largely cosmetic features that California does not permit on semi auto rifles. They were acquired from a friend without the legally mandated (in California) background check. How about that!? People who were intent on murder ignored firearm laws to get guns they wanted. Guess they will be prosecuted in Hell.

The state of California makes it difficult for citizens to carry concealed handguns — not likely the good folks at the party who were attacked had any guns. Evil people arrive with the intention of committing mass murder, the victims are defenseless, and the outcome is obvious. This has played the same way in other places where predators pick a gun free zone for their intended target.

There are predators out there! We should be vigilant. Those of us who can legally carry firearms should continue to do so in a responsible manner. Want to buy a gun, think about getting some training too. If you have a concealed carry permit, don’t be lazy, carry your gun when you can, don’t just carry for certain locations or activities. Thinking about getting a concealed carry permit, if you feel this is for you, find out what you need to do to keep the ball rolling.

If you carry or keep guns in the home for defense you need to practice, get training if you need it.

Editor’s note: Eric Noevere teaches firearms classes in Pamlico County. Email him at:

Blame Mother Nature, say officials

Sewer, drainage work underway on low-lying area


Last week, six inches of rain in less than three hours swamped what is known as a ‘lift station’ in the Town of Oriental. Chronically poor drainage in the low-lying area on Neuse Road resulted in huge water infiltration – far too much for pumps to overcome, forcing a backup of sewage in a 10-inch line that ultimately breached thru nearby manholes, residential cleanouts, and similar access points. The photo at left shows heavy equipment -- in place before the storm -- to begin work on Phase 1 of  $1.2 million in improvements. “If this had happened 90 days later, we would not have had a problem,” Chris Venters, sewer superintendent, told several news media outlets. A week later, work continues at the site under much drier conditions.

Last week, six inches of rain in less than three hours swamped what is known as a ‘lift station’ in the Town of Oriental. Chronically poor drainage in the low-lying area on Neuse Road resulted in huge water infiltration – far too much for pumps to overcome, forcing a backup of sewage in a 10-inch line that ultimately breached thru nearby manholes, residential cleanouts, and similar access points. The photo at left shows heavy equipment — in place before the storm — to begin work on Phase 1 of $1.2 million in improvements. “If this had happened 90 days later, we would not have had a problem,” Chris Venters, sewer superintendent, told several news media outlets. A week later, work continues at the site under much drier conditions.

Editor’s note: At the request of this newspaper, Chris Venters, superintendent of Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District, submitted this analysis of the Thursday, Aug. 27, sewer spill in the Town of Oriental.

By Chris Venters, Superintendent
Bay River Metropolitan Sewerage District

ORIENTAL — On August 27, 2015, the Town of Oriental wastewater system, owned and operated by Bay River MSD, had a sewage spill of approximately 15,000 gallons, which eventually went into the Neuse River and Whittaker Creek. This spill was caused by excessive rainfall of over six inches that fell in a short amount of time causing the Town of Oriental’s storm water system to overflow and flood certain areas of the town. This flooding caused areas of the wastewater collection system to become completely submerged, allowing the storm water to enter the sewer system through the top of Number 4 Lift Station, manhole covers, and residential cleanouts.

These areas are not designed to be underwater.

The Neuse River also became elevated, which further caused flooding in the low-lying areas and failure of the Oriental storm water system. That part of the sewer system located in Oriental is designed to handle the flows of domestic wastewater within the town, as well as some capacity for ground water infiltration and inflow (surface drainage), and does so on a daily basis without incident.

It could be concluded that this spill was solely cause by an act of nature (excessive rainfall) and a storm water system unable to cope with the excessive flows. One might ask, what is the remedy for the storm water problems that are somewhat frequent to Oriental? I think that the previous interim Town Manager Wyatt Cutler, said it best: “Either raise the Town or lower the Neuse River.”

Storm water problems are shared by many low lying coastal towns in the area, and it is usually not within the financial ability for these small towns to build new storm water systems, which — under the ever changing guidelines imposed by the NC Division of Environmental Management — would be cost prohibitive.

Bay River MSD realized that the chances of frequent flooding would continue to be a problem in the Oriental area. After Hurricane Irene, we started to isolate the worst problem areas and began to engineer solutions that might greatly reduce the sewer spills caused be excessive storm water. Although it has taken a few years to get the proper permits and funding to rehabilitate and upgrade the Oriental sewer system, so that it will not be so susceptible to flooding, this goal has finally been accomplished.

The walls of this massive lift station will soon be raised at least four feet to minimize infiltration from similar storms or drainage backups.

The walls of this massive lift station will soon be raised at least four feet to minimize infiltration from similar storms or drainage backups.

Bay River MSD is presently working on a $1.2 million upgrade on the sewer system in Oriental that will include the elevation of two lift stations by over four feet as well as replacing and increasing the elevation of over 70 manholes susceptible to flooding during heavy rains. Although it may be impractical to raise the town, we can raise areas of the sewer system to keep storm water from coming in. This construction has begun and Phase 1 of the two Phase project should be completed in the next few months. Phase II should start soon after and these repairs should be completed in early 2016. Both phases were funded by the Division of Environmental Management. The agency made a grant of 50 percent, while lending the balance to Bay River MSD for 20 years at 0 percent interest. This allowed Bay River to make these improvements with little or no expense to our customers. After both Phases are complete we hope these types of spills will be greatly reduced.

Community sentiment tilts in favor of paramedic


Editor’s note: Last week, we reported that Eric Kindle, a respected volunteer firefighter and emergency responder, risks losing his credentials – the result of a late night July 4th call that went slightly awry. The circumstances are explained more fully in the deluge of e-mails that we received on this topic:

Let me see if I have this figured out correctly.  Eric Kindle works tirelessly for anyone in Pamlico County. When he isn’t giving free ice cream to the kids from Children’s Theater Workshop and other such charitable activities, he jumps into water to save drowning victims, goes to accidents, wrecks, home emergencies, fights fires, and probably a myriad more I cannot remember to list.

He has done this for years and years and has never asked for accolades or praise from anyone.  So a few months after unsuccessfully trying to save a drowned child at a local pool (with this heavily on his heart), he hears the call for a drowning victim in the water near the Tiki Bar.

It is the Fourth of July weekend. He has had a few beers. He is not on call. It will take the ambulance to arrive at this drowning (victim still in the water) possibly 20 minutes. So, since he has had a few beers, he sits on the rail to observe the shouting and chaos?????

No, he does what he is trained to do! He jumps into the water, and in the end saves the drowning victim. In time the ambulance does arrive. But the saving has already been done. The ambulance driver asks him to move the ambulance 500 feet, not on a highway, not even on a road, but 500 feet.

He is not “driving” in the sense we think of driving under the influence. 500 feet!!!!  In so doing he clicks the mirror of another car. The police arrive, administer a breathalyzer test, and all h___ breaks loose for Eric.

Am I the only one who sees the absurdity of this?  Eric should still be able to work as our EMT.  How many other EMTs are you able to count on your fingers who do what he does?  I know of three others who have quit, but none who are still signed on and doing this!  Where does that leave us in the Village?  Without the wonderful service of Eric is where it leaves us. All because someone thought that moving an ambulance 500 feet and nicking a mirror required a breathalyzer test. Let’s get real here. How quickly can this be unwound so that Eric is still able to serve us?

Who has the power to reinstate his position?  Answer quickly, for we are an aging population and no one knows when the next heart attack or similar emergency will occur.

Carol Small

Hasn’t Eric been punished enough?

Let it go and let’s put this behind us.
Rob and Dale Murena

Simply put, “He that is among you who is without sin, cast the first stone…..” John 8:7.  The woman referred to in this passage of the Holy scriptures committed an offense. Check hers out.

WWJD??? Doedee

I am a registered nurse in Oriental and I am writing to give my professional opinion that Eric Kindle is a superb paramedic and it would be a huge disservice to this county to fire him. He made one mistake, NOT a medical error, while off duty and trying to be helpful. One error in judgment in which no one was harmed should not cause the loss of a career for a gentleman who has saved many lives and should be allowed to continue to use his superb clinical skills to save many more.

Teri Reid, RN

I have lived in Oriental since 1993.  In that twenty-two years we have called 911 twice.  Almost before we hung up the phone Eric Kindle was knocking on our front door.( We live two blocks from him.)  I cannot claim Mr. Kindle saved my life because both times my problem was not life threatening.  I do claim that he got there extremely quick and I was very impressed with his competence. As you mentioned, it would be a shame to dismiss Mr. Kindle.  I believe to would be very difficult to find a replacement as dedicated and competent as Mr. Kindle

Grady and Gayle O’Neal
P.S. Maybe it would be more sensible to consider ditching those who suggested ditching Mr. Kindle

Question: Would I trust Eric with my life or my husband’s life? …

Answer: We have already been the recipients of Eric’s EMT expertise on more than one occasion.

Question:  Do I still trust him with our lives in an emergency situation?
Answer: Absolutely.

Eric has made a positive impact on us and our community and has surely earned our support.
The Baxleys

I understand that county officials should investigate the incident that occurred in Oriental on July 5th.   I hope that they will review all the circumstances surrounding the incident.
Katy Pugh

I can’t believe that after all that Eric has done for the community, anyone would consider firing him.  His heart was in the right place and just because he made a bad decision (trying to help the community) please don’t condemn him.  He has certainly proved himself over and over to this little community.  Give him a break, please.
Joyce Ayers

Sir, the tone of this article is greatly mistaken.  It is exceptionally unprofessional, dangerous, and improper to respond to an emergency after consuming alcohol.  Mr Kindle’s actions show a profound LACK of diligence and disregard for the well being of his coworkers, patients, and the community as a whole. His past actions, perceived good deeds, or business relationships are irrelevent. He endangered the public and brought shame to an organization that has worked very hard to provide an increased level of service over the past few years.
Chris Peluso

Eric’s life is devoted to taking care of medical emergencies 24 hours a day and has given so much to the town of Oriental and the surrounding areas. My husband is a retired NYC Firefighter and EMT.  He has seen Eric operate on several occasions and nothing but high regard for his professionalism. We should be extremely nervous to live in this town without his services. Let us not forget that he is human and can make a mistake.
Betty & Ken O’Neill

Eric is a wonderful Man !  He is working very hard, helps other people, and is always around when he is needed
We, at the Bean, like him very much !!
Katharina Burt and Rolf Anselm

You may have been following the Facebook threads on the Eric Kindle situation. So far we have seen only brief news bits.  Many in the Town are now clamoring because of the respect many of us have for Eric. Others are saying that he exercised poor judgment. I recently posted on Facebook at Oriental!! Group page that I would like to hear the facts of the case in order to learn more about the incident from the actual police report and not from hearsay.

Eric Kindle has been an outstanding asset to Pamlico rescue. He is well liked. On the other hand, he is accused of a DUI while driving a County vehicle. As a respected member of the media, I appeal to each of you to see if the police report is available from Sherriff Davis and to provide to your readers the facts of the case so that we can better understand what went down and why the Police and Rescue authorities took the actions that they did. There is still plenty of opportunity for those who want to support Eric and his character; but I for one would like to know the facts as do all of your readers would as well. It may not change opinion but at least we will know the facts surrounding this incident.
Jim Barton

We are writing this letter in full support of Eric Kindle. Always the first to help when help is needed by anyone-and – with typical diligence beyond the call – Eric tried to assist someone in need, even though he was off duty. This entire situation saddens all of us, and we pray that all will turn out well for Eric Kindle, which will be a Godsend for our community.
Dan and Lynn O’Neill

Your article said it pretty eloquently so I would only add my personal experience with Mr. Kindle. My neighbor thought he was having a heart attack.  Myself & another girl that was there were very worried.  Mr. Kindle was so kind & professional that we all became much more at ease. I was very impressed & I know my neighbor was immensely grateful. Luckily, it was a false alarm.  I would be very saddened to see anything bad happen to Mr. Kindle!
Best regards,
Marcia Robinson

While I appreciate your eagerness to help further someone’s cause and help spare somebody’s career from a “simple mistake,” the bottom line is no one, no matter how good a person they are or well-intended, is above reproach and certainly not above the law. This is a matter for the legal system and the board who licenses or certifies paramedics. Popularity or public opinion should not be a factor. Learning to slow down, think twice and not simply react is part of being a medical professional. Time to step back and reflect might save a life down the road. Any disciplinary action from the legal system or board for Paramedics will not be permanent. Eric will survive this incident and will come out on the other side a better person if he’s truly the person you’ve described in your article. In the meantime, the focus should be raising awareness in the community regarding the need for additional First Responders and funding for personnel with advanced training. When the time is right Eric will be back, but it’s not for the public to decide. Good try though.

Name withheld, per concurrence of newspaper’s Editorial Staff

I have 40 years experience in the Fire/Rescue service. During that time I have worked with some very exceptional Firefighters/EMTs. Eric is one of those exceptional Firefighter/Rescue Paramedics.
He is devoted to the Fire/Rescue service and he is dedicated to the assistance of others. He responds to almost every Rescue and Fire alarm within Pamlico County. In addition he is constantly enrolled in some additional certification program, re-certification program, training drills and updating new protocols. If that is not enough, he also finds time to teach fire/rescue courses at the college and serves on the Southeastern Pamlico Fire Board. Outside of the fire service, Eric is involved in many local organizations and runs a business at the same time. Pamlico County is fortunate to have Eric Kindle. He has always been there for the community when it called out in need. Now the community needs to be there for Eric when he is in need. I urge every one within the Pamlico County community to support Eric in all that he is going through right now.
Frederick Edel

Under no circumstances, no matter who you are, should anyone drive impaired. This is the set up for disaster and suffering. Sure this time he got there safe but what about next time??? How will the article read then??? He should have stayed home if he is such a great rescuer, he could have become another rescue. As for dismissal, maybe a suspension and some counseling is in order as being a rescuer he has certainly seen the result of impaired driving. Personally, my family has had a young vibrant man permanently disabled by a drunk driver and another member was killed by a drunk driver. This tragedy should happen to NO family.
Thank you.
Paula Bennett

We are totally in support of Eric Kindle and all he has brought to the Village.  We are grateful that we have not had to use his services but have heard nothing but accolades from those who have.  We should do whatever it takes to have him reinstated.
Respectfully submitted,
Andy & Mary Anton

I am an EMT from Station 25 and I have worked with Eric on many calls. I have great respect for him and his ability to handle a scene. Working with him has allowed me to learn and grow and boost my confidence in my abilities to help others. Eric is one of the most dedicated professionals in our county for medical emergency response and on-site care. I hope this matter can be resolved and that I’ll get the opportunity to work with him again.
Steve Lavallee

Dear Editor, I write to you after following this unfortunate event for the past week. I find Oriental as a nice quaint, quiet town that my wife and I have frequented since our retirement. Let me fist start by saying I am no Judge, so right or wrong is not for me to determine. However, after being on the job (Firefighter/Paramedic- retiring out as a Battalion Chief) for 34 years I have seen a lot come and go. One of the worst things I have dealt with in my career was a 20 year guy dismissed for intoxication on the job. Alcohol and bad judgment has cost many a brother and sister their careers.

I do not know the entire situation of this event that occurred on July 4th and I do not know the accused party. From my readings on the different media outlets, he obviously is a well liked individual within the community. His service has obviously touched many folks within the area. With that being said, I feel for Mr. Kindle and his family and what they are enduring. From an outside standpoint, it seems there is a strong voice in the community that this event should be overlooked or just go away. I have even seen one statement that says if “local police would have handled the incident, everything would have been taken care of without criminal charges”. Really, is this a common practice in Oriental? Is drinking and driving condoned here? Come on folks, read what you are writing. The internet is world wide. State and local laws and rules override opinions and feelings. Just because this individual has made a great impact upon the community, doesn’t provide exemption from the rules. I agree that this young man should be heralded for his service, but why are you doing it now? This man should have been thanked and heralded all along, not when an unfortunate event occurs. As a community, I understand rallying behind Mr. Kindle for moral support throughout the preceding’s. I would caution that this may create a whirlwind effect if and when another good citizen of the community finds themselves in any type of legal trouble that may occur.

In closing, I would like to remind all of Newton’s Third Law which states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mr. Kindle took an action on his own accord, and now must face the reaction of his decision. I hate to see a young career tarnished by bad decision making, but throughout the world of Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, and Law Enforcement we are trained to make split second decisions using sound judgment. I hope and pray that Mr. Kindle will learn from this mistake and use better judgment in the future regarding his actions.

J.D. Quinn, Ret.

We need to keep Eric on the payroll; he takes superb care of us. For example, we had an accident at home on Friday July 3rd; my 28 yr old daughter was badly burned by scalding hot water while brewing iced tea at our home on Smith Creek. While she spent 10 minutes in a cool shower (thank you, Google), I called every medical provider in town and got either voice mail or no answer.

Instead of calling 911 (not life threatening), I put her in the car and headed west toward Nova Care in Alliance, or Craven Regional in New Bern. As I turned onto Highway 55, Dwayne Moore (Oriental police chief) was in front of me; when I blinked my lights, he promptly pulled over. I asked his advice, and after hearing what happened and seeing her leg, he whipped out his cell phone and got Eric, who was off duty, working at the Bean.

Eric left his busy business, went home for his medical bag, met us at the Bean and expertly treated her burn, which by now was blistered from hip to knee. How can you find fault in a man who constantly puts other’s needs ahead of his own? Eric puts his time and life on the line as a first responder. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt…..think he’s earned it.
Gordon Pickett
Work in Raleigh, come to live in Oriental

Duck’s eye view: Impoundments look great!

On the ground: Residents have a different perspective

Ducks have been flying over Goose Creek Island even before 1750.

Ducks have been flying over Goose Creek Island even before 1750.

Ouch!  Many on the Island, think the corner of this new duck impoundment seems a bit too close to an existing home.

Ouch! Many on the Island, think the corner of this new duck impoundment seems a bit too close to an existing home.

GOOSE CREEK ISLAND – From the air, this remote northeast corner of Pamlico County looks like an ideal stopping spot for migratory waterfowl cruising the Atlantic Flyway, especially so in recent years with an unprecedented proliferation of man-made duck impoundments. However, down on the ground, these shallow, flooded feeding grounds – designed to attract various types of waterfowl, which in turn attracts a bevy of upscale, shotgun-toting hunters – have kindled the ire of many island residents.

A contingent of well spoken Goose Creek Island citizens showed up at Monday night’s meeting of the Pamlico County Commission to ask for some type of regulations to govern both the construction and location of these new impoundments.

Tall berms, which entice youngsters, are a concern of many Goose Creek Island residents.

Tall berms, which entice youngsters, are a concern of many Goose Creek Island residents.

“We are not opposed to hunting,” said Alexis Ireland. “For most of us, these impoundments are a safety issue. There are no fences, no barriers of any type. There is hunting on both sides of the highway. We are concerned about falling birdshot, unexpected loud noises, and construction of impoundments very close to existing homes.”

Peggy Page, who lives and works in the area, echoed Ireland’s comments.

“It’s not about hunting, it’s about safety,” said Page. “These impoundments are virtually being created overnight. I’ve always thought hunting is for the woods,” she added, “but now, some type of zoning or regulations are needed.”

County Commissioner Paul Delamar III did not hesitate in responding. Though clearly empathetic – “I don’t want one of these things 25 feet from my house” – Delamar quickly nixed any prospect of zoning.

“You want to fill up that courtroom over there?” asked Delamar, pointing in the direction of a large room, occasionally used by the County Commissioners for public hearings on controversial topics. “Just mention the Z-word.”

However, the reasonable entreaties did indeed spur the County Commissioners. Delamar requested “a formal legal opinion” to outline what elected officials at the county level can do to address the residents’ concerns. Jimmy Hicks, a New Bern-based attorney who is paid to advise the board on legal issues, promised to produce such a report for the next meeting of the Commission on Monday, July 6th.

Three letters written by Goose Creek Island residents, which were hand-delivered to the board Monday night.




State highway officials respond

Change unlikely to ‘Extreme Makeover’ in Bridgeton

Motorists from Blueberry Lane are now prohibited from turning left. The mandatory right turn adds more than a mile, plus at least five minutes, for those who want to head east on Highway 55.

Motorists from Blueberry Lane are now prohibited from turning left. The mandatory right turn adds more than a mile, plus at least five minutes, for those who want to head east on Highway 55.

By Terry Leigh McCune | Staff Writer

BRIDGETON — Last week I e-mailed some questions to the North Carolina Department of Transportation concerning the installation of a new traffic island at the intersection at Blueberry Lane and Hwy. 55 in Bridgeton:

Q – How did you determine that a new traffic intersection was needed there?

A – The location was identified by the 2013 Highway Safety Improvement Program due to meeting criteria for chronic frontal impact crashes.  Complaints had also been received by local elected officials and passed along to NCDOT for investigation. 

Q – Why did you choose this type of intersection, which I think is called either a Superstreet or J-Turn?

A – Installation of channelization as constructed at this location is expected to significantly reduce the number of frontal impact crashes (estimated at 51 percent), which are typically the most severe. 

Q – Can you give us examples of other locations in North Carolina where this has been used successfully?

A – Similar installations exist on US 70 at Sam Garner Road in Carteret County,  US 70 at Bayberry Road in Newport, US 70 at Cannon Boulevard in Newport, US 70 at West Chatham in Newport, US 70 at Ebeneezer Church Road in Wayne County and numerous locations on US 17 north of Washington in Beaufort County. 

Q – Why didn’t you install a traffic light there instead?

A – A traffic count conducted at this location on December 4, 2012, indicated there were insufficient traffic volumes on the side streets to justify signalization.  Additionally, placement of a signal at this intersection is not advisable due to eastbound traffic on NC 55 coming off of a freeway facility and around a curve.  Drivers unfamiliar with this location would not be expecting to see a signal.

Q – Are there plans to possibly modify the intersection in the future so motorists coming out from Blueberry Lane can go East on Hwy 55 after a U-turn?

A – There are no plans to allow motorists coming out of Blueberry to make a U-turn to go east on NC 55 due to the close proximity of the US 17 interchange. 

Q – Approximately how much did this intersection cost to install?

A – All work at the intersection, which included the channelization, bulb-out, right turn lane extension, signing and pavement markings cost approximately $64,000 to construct.

As a reporter for the County Compass, I want to thank Brian Rick, Communications Officer of Divisions 2 & 3 for the North Carolina Department of Transportation for responding so quickly! I guess people coming out of Blueberry Lane will have to turn right from now on.