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Thank God for the sign

By Michael Quinn REELSBORO – As we emerge from a season when, typically, we humans are more as we should be, I thank this newspaper for the opportunity to share my recent experience. “I swear, the best thing to come out of our having that property is the sign.” If my wife has heard me say that once, she’s heard me say it . . . well, maybe not a thousand times, but quite a few. I can’t help but smile while I lament the journey of small business ownership. Ours has to do with the property over in Reelsboro on the corner of Hwy. 55 and Chair Road. It seems as long as we’ve had it, we’ve been trying to f…

Haiti visit ‘amazing’

Hattie Harrell, left, and Melanie Campen with their young prayer partners at St. Joseph Home for Boys in Haiti. By Hattie Harrell and Melanie Campen | Special to the County Compass PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI Hattie Harrell: We have been having a good time. We have been amazed at what we have witnessed. Please find attached a photo of us with our young prayer partners Wednesday night at St. Joseph’s Home for Boys. Yesterday (Feb. 4) we visited Mother Teresa Missionary of Charity for the Destitute and Dying. We were not allowed to take photos but we showed love and Christ through the power of touch. We ma…
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