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Photo credit: Francis Davis GRANTSBORO – An all too common sight these days is a large, blue recycle bin showing up on the dumping floor of a busy place known as the ‘transfer station’ on Highway 306. In a perfect world, recyclables from our area are supposed to go to Greenville where sorting and reprocessing begins. Instead, more often than not, recycle items are dumped here — like regular household garbage – and subsequently transferred by tractor-trailer to a massive landfill near Tuscarora. The reason? Local miscreants are using recycle bins as an alternative to paying fo…

Smile! Camera meant to catch dumpers

By Jeff Aydelette | Staff Writer Culprits are ignoring rules that prohibit dumping of household garbage at the Reelsboro recycling site. REELSBORO – The Pamlico County Commission rejected a recommendation Monday night to close the Hwy. 55 recycling site, instead authorizing an expenditure to install ‘trail cam’ style monitoring with the intent of nabbing those who are dumping household garbage, non-recyclable items, and even in one recent incident – concrete. Garry Cooper, Director of Public Services for the county, wrote in a Dec. 30 e-mail that “the situation was so bad th…

Auto recycling not for the faint of heart

  Sodoma uses a vehicle known as a ‘rollback’ to transport a flooded car. Most vehicles are literally rolled backwards onto the bed of the truck, using a winch and rugged, steel cable. By Jeff Aydelette | Staff Writer GRANTSBORO – Recycling cars is back breaking work, with any profit wholly dependent upon the vagaries of the economy – particularly the prices being paid for copper, aluminum, platinum, and sheet metal. Throw in some used, but viable auto parts — which can often be a bear to remove – and Daniel ‘Danny Boy’ Sodoma, usually finds a way to eke out a bit more tha…
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