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Local student gets nod for prestigious conference

But paying for nine days at Yale tough nut to crack



OLYMPIA – Samantha Arnold, 17, is a junior at Pamlico County High School, and sports a grade point average well north of 4.0. She also exudes enthusiasm for her future career!

“I’ve always had a calling to pursue nursing,” she said in a brief interview with this newspaper. “I really like to help people.” And, she added: “Almost all of my classmates say they want to move away after they graduate, but not me. I want to come back to Pamlico (after college) in order to make things better.”

This summer – if she can raise the funds – Samantha will represent this area at the National Student Leadership Conference. In a recent letter acknowledging her acceptance, Rick Duffy of the NSLC, briefly explained the purpose of the annual event:

You will gain an insider’s perspective on a future career as you meet with nationally renowned leaders in your field and take exclusive trips and tours.

Well-known universities throughout the nation are hosting various conferences, with Yale University in New Haven, Conn., designated for high school students, like Samantha, who intend to pursue nursing.

Local plans call for a fundraiser on Saturday, April 16, at Spring Hope Original Free Will Baptist Church in Bridgeton. Samantha’s grandfather, McDonl Bennett, is pastor of Spring Hope, where he is ably assisted by Brenda Bennett, Samantha’s grandmother!

Next week, Samantha has promised to submit a letter in which she will describe her goals, and how the Leadership Conference is one part of a grand plan for her budding career.


Hen lays a big one in Olympia! But which one ‘dun it?’


With 44 hens and a rooster or two, Olympia resident Ron Casey enjoys his new avocation. He is clearly proud of his flock, but has no idea which chicken should get the credit.

“My chickens like to lay their eggs where there are some already laying in the box,” he explained during a recent interview. .

“Some of the old-timers around here call all of the squawking and carrying-on, the chickens’ ‘egg-laying song.’ Well, we definitely heard a loud squawk last week, but I can’t tell you which one did it.”

Casey, seen above at his grading table, lives in a 100-year-old farmhouse at the end of Bayleaf Road in Olympia, not far from the Pamlico-Craven county line. He now sells most of the eggs at area Farmers Markets.
One day, he hopes customers will beat a path to his door, so he can focus less on marketing and more on production. To reserve some, call him at (765) 914-9884.