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Reporter takes historic ‘shelling’ trip

Jeanne says her primary responsibility will be ‘shelling’ but she also promises to file regular reports for this newspaper. By Jeanne Robertson Editor’s note: A native of Williamston, Jeanne Robertson has been visiting remote Portsmouth Island for more the 40 years. This year is special – it marks the 50th Portsmouth Village Homecoming. We hope to feature a series of articles as Robertson explores what she considers to be her second home. CAPE LOOKOUT NATIONAL SEASHORE — Well, to get to Portsmouth Island, I meet the maintenance person at Lola Landing, which is a small ramp no…

Legend of Bond Creek Mermaid

  Does Mermaid qualify as recycled Nautical Art? By Aven Rosch | Special to the County Compass AURORA — I was looking for a new project. Something I had never done before, only dreamed about. I was reading the Compass and admiring the quality of the paper, the ads, and great local reporting when a light bulb went on inside my head. I could make my dream of a life- sized mermaid from the Compass. The covering of (skin) — soon to be Bond Creek Mermaid — would be made from the Compass’ high quality paper turned into a solid new form of paper mache. Researching on the net, I discove…
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