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Reporter takes historic ‘shelling’ trip

Jeanne says her primary responsibility will be ‘shelling’ but she also promises to file regular reports for this newspaper.

Jeanne says her primary responsibility will be ‘shelling’ but she also promises to file regular reports for this newspaper.

By Jeanne Robertson

Editor’s note: A native of Williamston, Jeanne Robertson has been visiting remote Portsmouth Island for more the 40 years. This year is special – it marks the 50th Portsmouth Village Homecoming. We hope to feature a series of articles as Robertson explores what she considers to be her second home.

CAPE LOOKOUT NATIONAL SEASHORE — Well, to get to Portsmouth Island, I meet the maintenance person at Lola Landing, which is a small ramp not too far from the Cedar Island Ferry. But wait! This spot is off limits to all but the National Park Service!

Getting there early, I got out of the car and was met by a wall of mosquitoes, I mean hundreds of them, working fast to get my stuff out of the car and jumped back in and there were hundreds of the mosquitoes joining me.   I could hardly breath with inhaling them!!

The boat ride over to Long Point was so refreshing as we beat the incoming fog.  The sun was coming up and Portsmouth Island and Long Point was in sight. This was the final day of preparation before the opening tomorrow.  The office staff would be putting the computers in operation for registration and other tasks.

This part of the National Seashore is Remote, with a capital R.

This part of the National Seashore is Remote, with a capital R.

Mary, formerly retired, now works for the National Park Service and has been there for 19 years.  Samantha, just a young thing, has been with National Park Service for seven years. There was a lot of computer goings on, but the lunch break was worth the views and silence interrupted by the passing gulls and birds.

Wednesday, March 15, is Opening Day and the 50th anniversary for Portsmouth Village Homecoming – a one- time event to celebrate the preserving this ‘fingerlet’ island off the mainland of North Carolina. This year also marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service – thanks to good, ole Teddy Roosevelt!

An awesome view and new memories to be made this year — no bands or banners — just the magnificence of Mother Earth. Come join in!!!

For your information: Ferry reservations are by private ferry — Morris Marina in Atlantic, N.C. and two ferries in Davis, N.C. This is ‘Down East’ in all its glory! Cabin reservations through the National Park Service.

Legend of Bond Creek Mermaid



Does Mermaid qualify as recycled Nautical Art?

By Aven Rosch | Special to the County Compass

AURORA — I was looking for a new project. Something I had never done before, only dreamed about.

I was reading the Compass and admiring the quality of the paper, the ads, and great local reporting when a light bulb went on inside my head. I could make my dream of a life- sized mermaid from the Compass.

The covering of (skin) — soon to be Bond Creek Mermaid — would be made from the Compass’ high quality paper turned into a solid new form of paper mache.

Researching on the net, I discovered other uses for everyday stuff. My brain began working at overtime speed as I started gathering some of the following:

Soda bottles (16 ounce size), old panty hose, Styrofoam meat trays, Styrofoam packing chunks, masking tape, aluminum foil, a balloon, old non-skid shelf liner, cardboard empty paper towel roll, flour, wood glue, Elmers glue, linseed oil, pre-mixed spackle, and rolls of cheap toilet paper. And of course, stacks of the County Compass I had saved.

It was January 2011 and I had no studio, therefore I took over the sunroom for birth of the Bond Creek Mermaid. Later known as “Circe.” Two and one-half months later, Circe came into being during my bout with the shingles, complete with her Sea Horse and Octopus pals. Fortunately, she and her pals were up 12 feet high in the house the next August when Irene hit.

More ideas bloomed in my head in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene that had nearly wrecked my new studio with four-plus feet of water. Maybe the assorted bits and pieces of the debris could be salvaged in the form of ‘recycled art.’

Anyone who is interested in a recycled Nautical Art theme, along with many other creative local artists, can put the dates of Dec. 8 & 9 on their calendar. The 10th Annual Holiday Craft Fair, located at the Aurora Community Building, will happen Saturday Dec. 8 from 10 am until 5 pm, and Sunday, Dec. 9 from noon until 5 pm.

All proceeds benefit the Aurora Volunteer Fire Department. Additionally, there will be a BBQ dinner on Saturday available at the Fire House from 11 am until ???