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Expert explains ‘Ransomware’

By Allen Miller CYBERSPACE — Anyone with a computer probably knows a new version of Ransomware — called WannaCry — wreaked havoc last week. Known as ‘malware,’ this insidious attack has affected approximately 200,000 computers in over 150 countries thus far. One surprising factoid is that the Ransomware may have been developed by our own National Security Agency, which leaked. Some believe the intentional dissemination was an “inside job”. Ransomware encrypts all the files on a computer. Unless you pay the ransom, your files are locked forever. Your pictur…

Digital fatigue sets in

Internet news sites suffer from ad blocking Readers wake up to newspapers By Nu Yang | Reprint Courtesy of | Editor & Publisher Magazine For years now, media analysts have said technology will save print — and maybe it will, just not in the way they predicted. The news industry is going through an overload of information particularly in the digital sphere. We can point our fingers at the 24-hour news cycle. We can blame social media. But according to marketing expert Andrew Davis, 17 new web pages are published every second. If you think about it, said Davis, in a span of five second…

Call Mr. Rogers about Internet

  Cell number (910) 382-1052 Tommy Rogers of CenturyLink Special to the County Compass GRANTSBORO – Representatives from CenturyLink, the area’s dominant Internet provider, told a group of county leaders Wednesday morning that a daily log of complaints, requests for service, and other inquiries is the main driver of improvements and enhancements within any given area of eastern North Carolina. “We want to hear from folks;” said Jacksonville-based Tommy Rogers, who is CenturyLink’s local Area Operations Manager, “but spring is a long way off,” he added, hinting t…
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