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Wine tips for Thanksgiving!

THANKSGIVING TABLE — Picking a wine to go with an ordinary meal is usually pretty straight forward. The meals are not complex and it is easy to go with the old mantra: ‘Red wine with red meat and White wine with poultry or fish.’ There are a lot of variations on this theme but now the mantra is: ‘Drink what appeals to you.’ The problem with Thanksgiving and Christmas is the large number of disparate tastes associated with the amazing variety of foods served and this doesn’t even begin to address desserts. The main meat is usually turkey — either bought or hunted — and so…

Wine pairings, dinner offer real value at popular New Bern restaurant

Editor’s note: The following is not a full review of the entire operation at Persimmons on the Waterfront. Rather, wine columnist Justin Manjorin takes a look at one intriguing monthly feature. NEW BERN — On the fourth Tuesday of every month — beginning this past March and continuing until October — Executive Chef Antonio Campolio of Persimmons on the Waterfront presents a five-course food and wine pairing. The adventure starts at 6 and ends around 9. The cost is $75 per person, and includes taxes and gratuities. As seating is limited, reservations are required. I real…
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