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Back to the 1960s?

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In today’s world, we need firepower — not flower power!


By Eric Noevere
News Analysis

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Just a few weeks have passed since the Orlando ISIS attack, while another ISIS attack has occurred at Turkey’s Ataturk airport; a lone wolf attack in Nice France; and two separate attacks by black militants against Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers.

At every turn there have been calls for restrictions on the right to bear arms by law-abiding citizens. Much theater has been done by President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, the U.S. House and Senate Democrats — all attempting to force unconstitutional gun control legislation.

Fortunately this has not moved forward.

Speaker Ryan in the House and Speaker McConnell in the Senate have managed to hold the line on legislation that would seriously infringe our rights. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) in his recent commentary in this newspaper voiced his determination to hold the line against more gun control.

We had two police shootings of young black men followed by attacks on police. We have now had protests and riots in a number of cities since.

Prior to the Dallas attack, Obama had said: “They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

In the first incident there are two videos of Alton Sterling, which show him in a struggle with two officers. He apparently rolled an officer off of him and after Mr. Sterling is shot, a gun is removed from this right pants pocket.

I would give the officers involved the benefit of a doubt. Police were called to the scene after a homeless man called 911 reporting Mr Sterling was armed and had asked him for money.

The Castile incident video starts after the shooting. Mr Castile’s girlfriend states he was reaching for his wallet, and that he was legally armed. However, the attorney for the officer involved — Jeronimo Yanez — is saying the officer fired because Mr. Castile was armed, and not because of his race.

Also the attorney states the reason for the traffic stop was that Mr. Castile matched the description of an armed robber who had held up a gas station two days earlier. The governor of Minnesota, Dayton, chirped that this was racially motivated before the investigation had started. Again we need to reserve judgment as the investigation moves forward.

In any case, the President should have made it clear that justice would be served since he is indeed in a position to make sure of this. There is no need to further incite people.

Shortly after Obama’s speech, the shooting of police officers happened in Dallas. The Black Rights Matter movement often marches with the chant: “Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.” What happened to Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violence? it worked!

The U.S. is not perfect but we are a far more equitable society than we were 50 years ago. Dr. King, by the way, was not a believer in gun control — he believed that most gun control laws were passed to prevent African Americans from being armed. Dr. King applied for a concealed carry permit in 1956 after many death threats and having his house bombed, but the State of Alabama denied it.

Great having bureaucrats in charge of our rights, isn’t it? One of the people who marched with Dr. King was Charleston Heston, the late great actor, who for many years was NRA President and popularized the saying “I’ll give you my guns, when you pry them from my cold dead hands.”

Freedom and Liberty can only be preserved when the people can defend themselves.

Attorney General Lynch’s commented in Orlando on June 21” “Our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.” Okay did she get in a time machine and land in 1969 in Woodstock, New York???

Let’s just do some weed and walk around putting flowers into the gun barrels of ISIS Jihadis so they will just feel the love and hang out at the camp fire while we pass them some of the good stuff!

If we want to protect ourselves from monsters, we need to have firepower not flower power. Just before FBI Director Comey’s press conference where he let Hillary off the hook, Attorney General Lynch had an impromptu meeting with Hillary’s husband Bill.

Their planes just happened to be in the same airport at the same time and Bill just had to show Ms. Lynch grandchildren photos and chat about golf. Either Ms. Lynch made some incredible blunders and should resign for incompetence, or she holds the citizenry of this land in such total contempt, thinking that people will not realize that this is a brazen conflict of interest in a high profile criminal case!

Hillary dodged any and all charges, when Comey said: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Director Comey just said there was no intent to commit a crime. Other lesser mortals like General Petraeus have been charged and convicted for the same mishandling of classified material, where they also did not intend to commit a crime.

Where is the Republican Congress and how about a Special Prosecutor? Have the high and mighty truly become above the laws of the land? Will there never be any kind of justice for our four heroes who fell in Benghazi, lives lost due to the incompetence of Obama and Hillary, then covered up with a silly story?

My feeling is that the continuing terrorist attacks at home and abroad are a useful diversion for Hillary and Obama. They can divert attention from her high crimes and misdemeanors, their totally incompetent foreign policy — to a media assault on the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

Our FBI, CIA, NSA, etc are being schooled in political correctness by their masters in the Obama Administration and are actively not investigating people who need to watched — that is what happened with the Orlando terrorist. Let our intelligence agencies do their work within the legal framework! Let them go where the trail takes them.

The Left is skillful at exploiting tragedies to further their agenda. We must fight back by being politically active. Our elected representatives must hear from those of us who care about our rights or they will cave to the mobs. We do not need laws, which strip citizens of their rights without due process, nor do we need gun registration masquerading as “universal background checks,” or further restrictions on the types of firearms that can be legally purchased.

Editor’s note: Eric Noevere is a firearms expert, who teaches weapons training classes in Pamlico County.


Peletier Man charged in Domestic Shooting

Mitchell,WilliamCarteret County Sheriff’s Office

On 06/19/2016 Carteret County deputies arrested William Byron Mitchell, 37, of 110 Little Kinston Rd, Peletier in connection with an early morning domestic shooting.

Deputies responded to Mitchell’s residence at 2:00am and discovered his 32 year old girlfriend, Nicole Blevins, shot in the face with a 9mm handgun. Blevins was transported to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville where she is currently in stable condition.

Mitchell was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury and placed in the Carteret County Jail under a $150,000.00 bond. His first court appearance was Monday, 06/20/2016 where he was assigned the public defender’s office to represent him.

Pulse Club ‘like shooting fish in a barrel’

The design and construction of the Orlando nightclub severely limited escape options.

The design and construction of the Orlando nightclub severely limited escape options.

By Eric Noevere

ORLANDO — Another tragedy and the media and the left are again blaming the gun for the crime. Law enforcement officials were still working the crime scene when Obama and Hillary were demanding more controls on certain rifles, making it harder for citizens to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights.

This time Obama couldn’t blow this off as work place violence or a hate crime. The terrorist called 911 three times while he was committing his crime, stating his allegiance to ISIS. The FBI has already investigated this guy at least twice — maybe this time they will figure out what his intention was. ISIS leadership keeps saying they are at war with us, having attacked us on our own soil repeatedly.

Maybe Obama should get it that we are at war with this group and proceed accordingly – both abroad and at home.

The terrorist apparently had planned this assault for some time, although he purchased an AR-15 rifle and 9mm handgun just a week before. Various reports say he may have scouted other targets including Disney World. His ex-wife, current “wife” and a former co-worker at G4S security firm stated he was “unstable,” “unhinged,” and “bipolar.”

The assault appears to be have been well planned. The shooter was calm on the phone with 911. The terrorist was employed as both a court security guard and in a detention facility, with No criminal record and no history of psychiatric commitment. This history makes it very likely he was well versed in police procedures. I suspect he had tactical weapons training. A Fort Pierce police officer stated he had trained with the terrorist, who had apparently visited Pulse Night Club on frequent occasions, and knew the layout well.

From Internet photos, the structure appears to be windowless concrete building with limited ways in and out. Inside, apparently once customers entered, they were channeled into one of two wings.

This created a “fish in the barrel” kind of situation once the terrorist entered and he proceeded into one of the wings. Patrons couldn’t get away without running toward a wall or toward the terrorist. It was likely also not a coincidence that the attack occurred at 2 a.m. – the last call for drinks and when most of the patrons had been imbibing for hours, limiting their judgment and ability to respond.

An armed security guard did engage, but did not stop the assault. No guns were allowed in the club for patrons. Apparently the terrorist held a number of hostages for three hours after the initial assault. The police at that point gave up on negotiations. SWAT tried to breech the building with an explosive so they could enter, but if failed to work. Authorities eventually used a “BearCat” armored vehicle to knock a hole in the building, engage and kill the terrorist. Unfortunately, this long delay in reaching some of the wounded resulted in a number of deaths of victims that were brought to Orlando Regional Health Center per one of the surgeons who was interviewed on Fox Network.

Unfortunately, both of the Presidential hopefuls are calling for measures that curtail our freedoms. Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation’s Founding Fathers, summed it up well: “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have — nor do they deserve — either one.”

Hillary Clinton wants to ban assault weapons and make it harder for people to obtain guns. This terrorist, although he had been investigated twice and interviewed three times by the FBI, was not on a watch list, so he passed his firearms background check without any problem.

Apparently if you are on a watch list, the FBI is notified when someone on that list buys a gun. Hillary also has been calling for universal background checks. OK – this guy passed!?

Most of the talking heads on the airwaves are parroting the same thing Obama is calling for in his speech Tuesday. They want to limit the firearms rights of people on the FBI’s watch list, per Obama: If you can’t get on a plane, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.

The Senate Democrats are trying to revive the same bill that failed after the San Bernardino tragedy. Do not buy this. This would give the Federal government the ability to remove the Second Amendment rights of anyone arbitrarily, without due process. Many people have been put on the no fly list in error. Just keep in mind, Congress discovered the IRS gave extra scrutiny illegally to hundreds of groups with names containing “Tea,” “Liberty,” etc.

Many of the Obama crowd would no doubt like to strip the Second amendment rights of people based on membership in conservative organizations. Banning people on the FBI watch list from buying guns opens the door to much abuse. Remember the Orlando terrorist was not even on the list currently!

The proposed legislation would not have stopped this. Do not support this legislation unless you think Federal government bureaucrats should have arbitrary power over “your” Second Amendment rights.

In the event the Orlando terrorist could not purchase guns legally, he could have obtained them illegally through theft or black market sources. If all else failed, he could have just used some other method of mass destruction such as arson. A jilted lover set fire to the Happyland Club in the Bronx NY with a plastic bottle of gasoline in 1990 and killed 87 people. (No permit or background check required to buy gasoline.) The Molotov cocktail made with gasoline and a glass bottle is a very effective weapon, I have seen videos of tanks destroyed with these.

Trump is calling for more surveillance, and giving more power to police and intelligence services. I’m all for more real investigative work. I am not for any blanket surveillance of all of us, which violates the Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful searches and seizures. We do not want a police state!

The Orlando terrorist is the son of a former Afghan presidential candidate who has spouted pro Taliban views. The father now lives in Florida. The terrorist in Florida attended the same Mosque as a homicide bomber who went to Syria to do his evil deeds. The terrorist went to Saudi Arabia twice a few years ago. A co-worker, Daniel Gilroy from the G4S security firm where they both worked, reported concerns about the terrorist to his employer.

Gilroy’s bosses at the firm accused him of being racist, so it was Gilroy who voluntarily left his employment.

Apparently there was nothing to support charges against the terrorist, per the FBI. I hope political correctness and fears of angering other Muslims were not factors in these FBI investigations.

We are at war with a group of fanatics who want us to go back to the Ninth Century. We can fight them and win without compromising our constitutional rights. Obviously people are concerned about their safety. It has just been reported that since Sunday, NICS background checks have spiked. People obviously are willing to be responsible for their own safety. Carry on.

Editor’s note: Mr. Noevere is a regular contributor to this newspaper on matters relating to the Second Amendment. He offers shooting and gun safety classes from his home in Merritt.


Be wary of push for Universal Background Checks

N0651760By Eric Noevere

WASHINGTON, D.C. There has been huge interest in President Obama’s recent Executive Orders pertaining to gun control. Specifically closing parts of the infamous “gun show loophole.”

After the dust settled, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms did produce a document titled: “Do I Need A License to Buy and Sell Firearms?

On Page 2 is a disclaimer “The guidance set forth has no regulatory effect…” It can be retrieved from the direct link at .

Since I teach firearms classes and have some familiarity with federal and state firearm laws, I read all 15 pages, only to conclude that there is absolutely nothing new. In case I missed something, I did some more research online and found a quote from Steve Elliot with National Association of Arms Shows who said: “the President changed nothing.”

Also the New York Times website quoted Jennifer Baker of the “NRA lobbying arm” as saying “they’re really not doing anything.” President Obama stated over and over again he was closing the “gun show loophole” and had a big press conference, trumpets blared, the media were breathless but in the end where’s the beef?

Was this just a big stunt to shore up the Democratic base against the evil NRA and GOP? There was no shortage of coverage in the media but in the end there is really nothing, as far as new rules. It had been speculated that there would be rules saying exactly how many guns need to be sold to transform a mere seller into a dealer — this was not done. In the ATF Guidance Document, they point out that people have been prosecuted for selling as few as two guns if they were selling with the intention of profit.

Was President Obama just hoping he would scare people into having them do all firearms sales through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and hence require a background check, maybe? The gun rights people and GOP got loaded for bear but all that came out was the shadow of a rabbit. The Obama administration may have been afraid of a swift slap down by the courts if they actually tried to legislate from the White House, hence made a big spectacle but actually didn’t change anything.

The TV news media (including Fox) have people working for them who usually are from big cities, are not gun owners and have no clue about existing gun laws. Some people think gun shows are something like a video I saw of an open air arms bazaar in the tribal lands of Pakistan, showing people test firing full auto AK-47s in the air.

Most of the sellers at local gun shows are federally ‘firearms licensed’ who complete background checks on buyers. Private sales between individuals are made at gun shows, but these are a small minority of the transactions at the shows I’ve attended. Law enforcement is often visibly present so if I were a bad boy needing a firearm, I would think twice about trying to acquire one at a local gun show.’’

It is illegal to do a private sale between people who both do not reside in the state where the sale is made. If you want to sell a gun to someone out of state, you must use a dealer with an FFL. There are many laws federal and state that already exist and I would advise anyone who plans to make a private sale of a firearm to study these or call their local sheriff before proceeding. People who lie in order to obtain guns to resell to criminals are committing a felony, and can be prosecuted under existing laws.

The President knows that universal background checks is a back door way to create a registry of all guns that are bought or sold, that is why he and Democratic legislators are pushing as hard as they can for this. In states that have registration — such as New York when legal restrictions on semi-auto rifles and magazine capacity were made after the Sandy Hook tragedy — letters went to people who had such weapons. The owners either had to store them out of state, modify them to comply, turn them in, or face serious charges.

In Australia 20 years ago, all semiauto and pump long guns were confiscated after they had been registered. The owners had no choice! the government gave minimal financial compensation. If they didn’t surrender the guns, they went to jail. Both Obama and Hillary have praised the Australian plan. None of the guns used in recent high profile mass shootings have been acquired through private sales; at gun shows; or, on the Internet; or, between friends.

Somewhat more ominous is the attempt by Obama and his administration to make gun control a “public health problem.” This was tried during the Clinton administration and in response a law was passed so no funding can go to do research on gun violence as a health problem. Otherwise all kinds of federal entities could start regulating guns and ammunition. Obama also stated he wanted to make it easier for doctors to report someone as being potentially dangerous. This is also a slippery slope since such determinations should be done by psychiatrists — not just any medical provider.

Should any mental illness disqualify someone from owning a firearm, if someone has been treated for something like “anxiety” should they be stripped of their firearms rights? The federal government has been able to strip VA patients of their firearm rights if they have someone managing their financial affairs. There is talk of doing this with Social Security recipients as well.

Crimes of violence are rarely committed by older citizens. These same citizens are often the victims of violent crime. If someone is not managing their money it does not mean that they lack the judgement to use firearms. There needs to be scrutiny on people having their rights removed without due process.

We need to remain vigilant! A right once lost will not likely be regained. With a big election year already in progress we should support legislators who are serious about defending the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

Eric Noevere

Duck’s eye view: Impoundments look great!

On the ground: Residents have a different perspective

Ducks have been flying over Goose Creek Island even before 1750.

Ducks have been flying over Goose Creek Island even before 1750.

Ouch!  Many on the Island, think the corner of this new duck impoundment seems a bit too close to an existing home.

Ouch! Many on the Island, think the corner of this new duck impoundment seems a bit too close to an existing home.

GOOSE CREEK ISLAND – From the air, this remote northeast corner of Pamlico County looks like an ideal stopping spot for migratory waterfowl cruising the Atlantic Flyway, especially so in recent years with an unprecedented proliferation of man-made duck impoundments. However, down on the ground, these shallow, flooded feeding grounds – designed to attract various types of waterfowl, which in turn attracts a bevy of upscale, shotgun-toting hunters – have kindled the ire of many island residents.

A contingent of well spoken Goose Creek Island citizens showed up at Monday night’s meeting of the Pamlico County Commission to ask for some type of regulations to govern both the construction and location of these new impoundments.

Tall berms, which entice youngsters, are a concern of many Goose Creek Island residents.

Tall berms, which entice youngsters, are a concern of many Goose Creek Island residents.

“We are not opposed to hunting,” said Alexis Ireland. “For most of us, these impoundments are a safety issue. There are no fences, no barriers of any type. There is hunting on both sides of the highway. We are concerned about falling birdshot, unexpected loud noises, and construction of impoundments very close to existing homes.”

Peggy Page, who lives and works in the area, echoed Ireland’s comments.

“It’s not about hunting, it’s about safety,” said Page. “These impoundments are virtually being created overnight. I’ve always thought hunting is for the woods,” she added, “but now, some type of zoning or regulations are needed.”

County Commissioner Paul Delamar III did not hesitate in responding. Though clearly empathetic – “I don’t want one of these things 25 feet from my house” – Delamar quickly nixed any prospect of zoning.

“You want to fill up that courtroom over there?” asked Delamar, pointing in the direction of a large room, occasionally used by the County Commissioners for public hearings on controversial topics. “Just mention the Z-word.”

However, the reasonable entreaties did indeed spur the County Commissioners. Delamar requested “a formal legal opinion” to outline what elected officials at the county level can do to address the residents’ concerns. Jimmy Hicks, a New Bern-based attorney who is paid to advise the board on legal issues, promised to produce such a report for the next meeting of the Commission on Monday, July 6th.

Three letters written by Goose Creek Island residents, which were hand-delivered to the board Monday night.




Repeal of gun law triggers heat in Vandemere

Vandemere town commissioner Steve Lacy

Vandemere town commissioner Steve Lacy

VANDEMERE – Tempers flared Monday night over a vote two months ago, repealing a town law that had been on the books for decades.

The ordinance, originally adopted in 1980, was remarkably brief: That no firearms shall be discharged in the legal town limits of Vandemere, and signed by then Town Mayor Billy W. Harris.

Although brevity is the soul of wit, town laws intended to prohibit some type of otherwise legal activity are seldom meant to be funny, and are rarely brief, according to Vandemere town commissioner Steve Lacy, who is also a veteran attorney.

Lacy cited the law’s lack of exemptions — for say, self-defense, duck hunting, and law enforcement — as being a fatal flaw. In fact, Lacy noted such a law “needs to be specific enough to describe, but not so vague that it cannot be enforced.”

Translated that means more words for a new law, if town citizens really want to regulate wanton shooting.

And, according to Sherry Howlett – wife of town commissioner Dave Howlett – that is exactly what the town should be doing. During a contentious, but mostly cordial debate of the issue, she seemed to speak for many in the community.

“We are in a no man’s land right now, with no law in effect,” she said. “What are people supposed to do if somebody starts shooting birds off the phone line, and bullets are falling on my house?”

Dave Howlett, the only commissioner to oppose the law’s repeal in October, suggested that even a law with no teeth is better than no law at all.

“I do feel safer,” he said, “if we have this type of ordinance on the books. It represents a deterrent, regardless of whether it is enforceable or not.”

Lacy, charged by his colleagues on the board to oversee matters relating to ‘Regulations & Compliance,’ countered by saying “there are pages and pages of the town code that I want to repeal. This gun ordinance was enacted in 1980 but it has been prosecuted zero times.” He later added: “I’m supposed to be giving my advice to the board on that particular topic, but what I’ve shared has been completely misunderstood, misconstrued, and repeated in a form that is not correct.”

At the 40-minute mark, compromise reared its lovely head when Lacy suggested “we can make an enforceable ordinance.” And, in response to a question, Lacy said “it might cost a couple of thousand dollars.”

That quickly prompted a motion from Howlett, seconded by Commissioner Carolyn Jones, that the town should ask its for-hire attorney, Ben Hollowell of Bayboro, to present various options for some type of new law meant to prevent – with exemptions – the discharge of firearms inside the town limits.

After the town board approved Howlett’s measure by unanimous vote, Mayor Judy Thaanum put the issue to bed, at least for the interim:

“We’re doing the best we can,” she said, “but we don’t have much money.”

As is the case with all of the town commissioners, Lacy has been charged with management of a particular “department” of town governance. His expertise helps when tackling matters having to do with “Regulations and Compliance.”

Have Gun, Will Travel

McCune shoots his new handgun at the indoor firing range of Pro-Gun & Outdoor Sports.

McCune shoots his new handgun at the indoor firing range of Pro-Gun & Outdoor Sports.

By Terry Leigh McCune | Staff Writer

FLORENCE – After looking at a multitude of handguns, I finally made my choice. I bought an Astra A-75 9mm semi-automatic pistol from East 55 Pawn in Merritt. I got a great bargain! While I was there, I bought two boxes of ammunition and a cleaning kit to fit my gun’s barrel.


McCune purchased an Astra A-75 9mm semi-automatic pistol

Manufactured by the European American Arms Corporation, the Astra A-75 combines a powerful cartridge, excellent magazine capacity, and is ideally suited for personal defense. It is also is used by some European military units. After trying out my handgun, my son Kyle, who served with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq, commented, “It performs and handles better and is a lot easier to clean than the Berettas, which were issued to us doing Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

I also decided to purchase a variety of ammunition. I bought a box of target cartridges, some regular bullets and some hollow points, which are used by law enforcement agencies. Some are more powerful than others since they have different grain weights of gunpowder.

Ammunition for the weapon includes a target practice cartridge, a regular cartridge, and a hollow point cartridge.

Ammunition for the weapon includes a target practice cartridge, a regular cartridge, and a hollow point cartridge.

This past week, I visited Pro-Gun & Outdoor Sports to get in some target practice. Bill Plumlee and Steve Hankins were helpful in getting me set up for an hour of shooting. The indoor firing range is built to competition standards of 25 yards in length. They have six booths to use! I recommend the range to every gun owners.

Remember! After firearm practice, please pick up after yourself and sweep up your spent shells.

If you purchase a firearm, you can usually go to the website of the manufacturer and download an owners manual like I did. Please read and follow all the safety features in the manual, before attempting to use the gun. Please keep firearms and their ammunition locked up and safely out of the reach of children. Be a responsible gun owner.

Stay tuned next week as I start concealed carry handgun training at Carolina Firearms Training Center in Bridgeton.

Handgun choice no easy matter

This is the second article in a series.

By Terry Leigh McCune | Staff Writer

Second AmendmentFLORENCE – Over the past couple of weeks, I have been looking online, in handgun publications, pawnshops and firearm dealers to see what kinds and sizes of handguns are available.

I knew that I wanted something simple. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles like laser targeting. I never knew there were so many firearms manufacturers! Besides the brand names which I was familiar with, such as Browning, Remington, Colt, Raven, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Heckler & Koch, and Sig Sauer, there are so many brand names that I can’t even begin to list them here.

News1GunsThe advantages and disadvantages vary. Revolvers are easier to clean and maintain, but they usually only hold six cartridges at a time. Semi-automatics need more time and effort in disassembling and cleaning, but they can hold anywhere from six to sixteen rounds in the magazine, depending on the size and brand that you choose.

To help me decide whether I wanted a revolver or a semi-automatic handgun, I enlisted the help of Bob Yalden. He has over 40 years experience as a firearms instructor. Bob showed me a wide variety of his own handguns. His collection has everything from a .22 to a .44 magnum.

After handling each of them, I was able to decide on caliber and size. And, when I make my purchase, I will be taking classes from Bob at his facility, Carolina Firearms Training Center located in Bridgeton.

Handguns that I have seen vary from about $300 used to $3,000 new. If you decide to purchase a handgun or any firearm from a manufacturer online, you must have the weapon, ammo and accessories shipped to an authorized firearms dealer for pickup.

There are many in this area. Just to name a few: Pro Gun & Outdoor Sports in Bayboro; East 70 Pawn in James City; and, Dellinger’s Pawn in Washington, N. C.

Pro Gun & Outdoor Sports also has an indoor firing range. The price is $15 per half hour or $25 per hour.

Stay tuned next week as I purchase a handgun and begin the process of firearm training.

Right to bear arms seems infringed

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles.

By Terry Leigh McCune | Staff Writer

Second AmendmentFLORENCE – Before you decide to own a firearm, you need to determine the purpose of its use. Is it for home protection? Is it for personal protection when you are away from home? Do you need it for protection from vermin and critters that invade your property? Is it for hunting wildlife, or is it just for the sport of shooting?

Your goals will determine which type of firearm best suits your needs.

If you have decided to purchase a firearm for home and personal protection, you have to ask yourself several questions: Am I prepared to take the life of another human being to save my own life or the lives of my family? Does my religion condone the taking of a life in self-defense? Do my personal moral standards permit the taking of a life in self-defense? Am I prepared to tolerate the judgment of my family, friends and neighbors if I must defend myself with lethal force?

I personally have decided that I am willing to take the life of another human being to defend myself or my family.

Although the Second Amendment to our Constitution would seem to preclude any infringement on my right to “keep and bear arms,” today’s reality is a bit different.

To be able to purchase and own a firearm, you must fill out a form for a background check either at the local Sheriff’s office or your local firearms dealer. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the form, and to receive an answer whether or not you can own a firearm.

The Second Amendment:A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


To purchase a rifle or shotgun you must be at least 18. To purchase a handgun, you must be at least 21 and, in addition to the background check, plan to visit your local sheriff’s office, where you must apply for a handgun permit and pay a small fee.

Under the Brady Act, enacted by Congress in 1993, you cannot have a gun for personal or business if you:

  • Were convicted of a crime punishable by being in prison for more than one year.
  • Are a fugitive from justice.
  • Are addicted to, or illegally use, any controlled substance.
  • Have been ruled mentally defective by a court, or are committed to a mental institution. • Are an illegal alien living in the United States unlawfully.
  • Received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Renounced your U.S. citizenship, if you are a U.S. citizen.
  • Are subject to a court restraining order that involves your ‘intimate partner,’ your partner’s child, or children.
  • Were convicted of domestic violence in any court of a misdemeanor.

Stay tuned next week as I delve into the wide variety of brands, sizes and caliber of handguns.

High school search turns up gun, ammo


By Jeff Aydelette | Staff Writer

BAYBORO – An unannounced ‘canine’ drug search conducted Monday on the grounds of Pamlico County High School discovered a gun and ammunition in the custody of a male student. Possession of a firearm on a school campus is a criminal offense, which usually triggers an arrest.

The age and identity of the suspect are known to this newspaper, but law enforcement authorities requested Wednesday that the person’s name be withheld pending further investigation of the case.

In a brief press release, Wanda Dawson, superintendent of the Pamlico County School System, stressing that the safety of other students was never in jeopardy, downplayed the incident:

On Monday, April 22, 2013, a routine canine search was conducted at Pamlico County High School. There were violations of some school rules. The violations were handled appropriately. There was no immediate threat to students and staff. Because confidentiality laws in regards to students are very specific, I cannot share any information that could possibly lead to breaching that confidentiality.
If you have any questions, please contact me at 252-745-4171, extension 627.
Thank you.

Wanda P. Dawson